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Kustom Kulture Classics

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Kustom Kulture Classics
Kustom Kulture Classics


Brand new Atomicat sampler with 28 songs on the topic of cars. CD in a three-part digifile. Classic cars, hot rods, US and custom cars - what would the rockabilly and rock'n'roll scene be today without this important part of the subculture? Numerous festivals and sometimes even the small club shows are accompanied by the howling of engines, the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber and of course the optical delight of lovingly restored, imaginatively refurbished dreams in chrome and paint. "Pure Horsepower", "Burn It Ernie", "Corvette Baby", "Race Track" or "Hot Rod Babie" - the 28 songs collected here come from current Rhythm Bomb artists such as The Round Up Boys Or Ike And The Capers, as well as from heroes of the old days like Wayne Cochran, Hermy Herman, Bobby Verne, Donnie And Diane, Eddie Butler or Rudy Preston. Combined by the compiler ethos "All Killer no Filler", these songs are a must not only for the next US car show, but also for any dance floor. Tracks: 1.Jason Lee Wilson - Pure Horsepower 2.Johnny Tyler - Devil's Hot Rod 3.Cookie Roberts - Draggin The Drive-Inn's 4.Hermy Herman - Hey Hot Rod 5.The Alabama Kid - Rocking Jalopy 6.Donnie and Diane - Hot Rod Weekend 7.Ike And The Capers - Burn It Ernie 8.Johnny Lane - Rocking On The Dragstrip 9.Richie Deran - Girl And A Hotrod 10.The Fender Benders - Drag Strip 11.Bobby Verne - Red Hot Car 12.Jimmy Carroll - Big Green Car 13 Bobby Johnston - Flat Tire 14.Duals - Stick Shift 15.Ronnie Dee - Action Packed 16.Cochran, Wayne - Last Kiss 17.The Stripes - Go Hot Rod 18.The Manin Brothers - Hot Rod Suzie 19.Miller, Roger - Hot Rod Lincoln 20.Tom Tall - Hot Rod Is Her Name 21.Johnny Fortune - Dragster 22.Rudy Preston - Four Tired Car 23.Rocky Davis - Hot Rod Baby 24.Bob Cass - Corvette Baby 25.Round Up Boys - Race Track 26.Lou Berry And The Bel Raves - Hot Rod 27.Eddie Butler - Hot Rod Lincoln 28.Mr. Bear and His Bearcats - Radar
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