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Haydn: The Creation

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Haydn: The Creation
Haydn: The Creation


Haydn: The Creation by Robert Shaw


  1. Name
  2. Introduction The Representation Of Chaos
  3. Recitative: In The Beginning - Chorus: In The Spirit - Recitative: And God Saw The Light
  4. Aria With Chorus: Now Vanished By The Holy Beams
  5. Recitative: And God Made The Firmament
  6. Chorus With Solo: What Wonder Doth His Work Reveal
  7. Recitative: And God Said; Let The Waters
  8. Aria: Rolling In Foaming Billows
  9. Recitative: And God Said: Let All The Earth Bring Forth Grass
  10. Aria: Now Robed In Cool Refreshing Green
  11. Recitative: And The Heavenly Host
  12. Chorus: Awake The Harp
  13. Recitative: And God Said; Let There Be Lights
  14. Recitative: In Shining Splendor
  15. Chorus With Trio: The Heavens Are Telling
  16. Recitative: And God Said; Let The Waters Bring Forth
  17. Aria: On Mighty Wings
  18. Recitative: And God Created Great Whales
  19. Recitative: And The Angels Struck
  20. Trio: In Fairest Raiment - Chorus With Trio: The Lord Is Great
  21. Recitative: And God Said; Let Earth Bring Forth
  22. Recitative: Straight Opening Her Fertile Womb
  23. Aria: Now Shines The Brightest Glory
  24. Recitative: And God Created Man
  25. Aria: In Native Worth
  26. Recitative: And God Saw Everything
  27. Chorus: Fulfilled At Last The Glorious Work - Trio: From Thee, O Lord - Chorus: Fulfilled At Last Th
  28. Recitative: In Rosy Mantle
  29. Hymn: By Thee With Grace
  30. Recitative: Now Is Our Duty
  31. Duet: Sweet Companion!
  32. Recitative: O Happy Pair
  33. Chorus With Soloists: Sing To God
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