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Blackberry Rose

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Blackberry Rose
Blackberry Rose


Four decades after releasing the first openly gay country album, Patrick Haggerty & Friends are back with a fresh batch of songs as poignant as ever. Running the gamut from gut-wrenching ballads to rowdy marxist singalongs, Haggerty uses his knack for sharp storytelling to shine a light on institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. The current emergence of fascism and the deep political divisions in American culture are making Lavender Country a critical component of progressive and radical politics. 'Now 74 years old, Haggerty again respects no limits lyrically or musically. Where else can you hear a honky-tonk number about author and activist Clara Fraser, a socialist and radical feminist who died in 1998?' - Country Queer 'The band on the album is both cross-generational, cross-gender, and multi-racial, the kind of Lavender Country community described in the title track of the first album' - Adobe & Teardrops 'The new music blends a striking mix of radical queer and socialist politics, rural aesthetics, and classic country sound. Haggerty examines the risks intimacy, lust, and unconventional values pose to those seeking human connection and purpose in life' - Slate


  1. Name
  2. I Can't Shake The Stranger Out Of You
  3. Gay Bar Blues
  4. Leave All Disillusions Behind
  5. Red Dress
  6. Sweet Showman
  7. Clara Fraser, Clara Fraser
  8. Lament of a Wyoming Housewife
  9. Blackberry Rose
  10. Stand On Your Man
  11. Don't Buy Her No More Roses

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