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Night Games: The Complete Recordings: 4CD Clamshell Boxset

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Night Games: The Complete Recordings: 4CD Clamshell Boxset
Night Games: The Complete Recordings: 4CD Clamshell Boxset


  • Fast Buck were a popular classic rock band who made just one album – a self-titled effort for Jet Records in 1976. Amazingly, despite selling 40,000 copies at the time, the LP has never been reissued on CD, until now, and includes the LP’s sole single 'Sometime Man’! The band revolved around the talents of guitarist and songwriter Ed Hamilton, who kept the band going long after they had parted company with Jet and founded their own recording studio.
  • In due course, Ed developed his song-writing skills, penning 'Night Games’, which was duly picked up by Graham Bonnet to become a massive Top 10 UK hit in 1981. Fast Buck’s original rendition is included on this definitive 4-CD compendium, which boasts a raft of previously unissued tracks, alongside their one-off single backing ex-Rockpile star Billy Bremner, 'Endless Sleep’ b/w 'Mona-Lott’.
  • Bonnet also recorded Fast Buck’s song 'I’m A Lover’, penned by the band’s guitarist Andy Locke and bassist Dave Kerr-Clemenson (again, the original Fast Buck rendition appears here). Another of Ed’s songs, 'Lovin’ On Borrowed Time’, was featured in the soundtrack to the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra, as performed by Gladys Knight & Bill Medley. Two very different performances of this song can be heard on this 4-CD box set.
  • Disc 4 is devoted to live recordings by Fast Buck, a reflection of their reputation as a must-see band for those “in the know”, either headlining smaller venues or supporting The Pretty Things, Kevin Ayers, Widowmaker, Stray and ultimately ELO. Ed Hamilton and the rest of the band also worked closely with Status Quo’s Bob Young (Fast Buck sang harmony backing vocals on Bob’s In Quo Country album), Mick Moody and a host of other names who were active on the mid-80s rock scene.


  1. Name
  2. The Martyr
  3. Understanding Is The Word
  4. I Just Wanna Be A Cowboy
  5. I've Got To Be Strong
  6. What To Do
  7. Rock And Roll Star
  8. Sunday Walking Lady
  9. Rockin' Chair Ride
  10. To The Urban Man
  11. Under It All
  12. Your Own Way
  13. The Mirror
  14. The Life Youre Living
  15. Practically 5th Avenue
  16. Hard On The Boulevard
  17. Sometime Man
  18. Come To The Country
  19. Movie Madness
  20. Don't Roll The Dice
  21. The Ancient Mariner
  22. Rock And Roll Queen
  23. Rebel Without A Cause
  24. Gypsy Lady
  25. I'm A Lover
  26. Night Games (Edited Version)
  27. Standing On Broken Glass
  28. Valley Gardens
  29. The Ballad Of Jesse James
  30. Nez Perce
  31. Stayin On Here
  32. The Mood Im In
  33. Lovin On Borrowed Time (Country Version)
  34. The Reason Why: i Nolan ii The Charge iii Disillusion
  35. Oh Lord Make My Last Gig In Nashville Tennessee
  36. Right By Me
  37. Sad Eyed Lady
  38. After The Night Has Gone
  39. New York City
  40. Mystery Train
  41. The Ballad Of William Murdoch
  42. Long Hard Road
  43. The Travellin Game
  44. Route 66 (Fast Buck Studios Test Track)
  45. Rock And Roll Queen (Demo)
  46. Sometime Man Version 1 (Mono Demo)
  47. Understanding Is The Word (Mono Demo)
  48. Endless Sleep
  49. Mona-Lott
  50. New York City (Demo)
  51. I Wanna Make Out With You
  52. The Ancient Mariner (Demo)
  53. Hi-Ho Silver Lining
  54. Lost Weekend
  55. Stagedoor Jenny
  56. Im Goin Home
  57. Leather Lady
  58. Rebel Without A Cause (Demo)
  59. Love On The Run
  60. My Girl
  61. All Out Of Favour
  62. New York City (Out-Take)
  63. Sad Eyed Lady (Out-Take)
  64. Freelance
  65. Caught In A Crossfire
  66. Sometime Man (Re-Mix)
  67. Mystery Train (Out-Take)
  68. Loving On Borrowed Time (Ballad Version)
  69. Lady Rider (Demo)
  70. Im Just Crazy For Your Love
  71. If You Like The Blues
  72. Night Games (Full Length Version)
  73. Make Me Fly Version 1 (Demo)
  74. Sometime Man (Demo)
  75. Make Me Fly Version 2 (Demo)
  76. Practically 5th Avenue (Live)
  77. Rock And Roll Star (Live)
  78. The Mirror (Live)
  79. Hard On The Boulevard (Live)
  80. Under It All (Live)
  81. Steamroller Blues (Live)
  82. Come To The Country (Live)
  83. Moses (Live)
  84. Rock And Roll Queen (Live)
  85. Bottle Of Red Wine (Excerpt) (Live)
  86. Fool For You Baby (Live)
  87. Ive Got To Be Strong (Live)
  88. Under It All (Live)
  89. Graphic-Ed (Live)
  90. Tequila Lady (Live)
  91. Goin Down To Brighton (Live)
  92. M4 (Live)
  93. Radio Hallam Interview
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