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Handel: Ottone

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Handel?s Ottone was one of the most popular operas of the composer?s career, with 34 known performances during his lifetime, beaten only by the 53 performances of Rinaldo. The premiere run in 1723 featured superstar Italian soloists including Senesino and Cuzzoni, and coincided with (and was perhaps the cause of) the height of London?s opera madness, with tickets changing hands for increasingly high prices on the black market. This recording of the 1723 version (Handel adapted the opera in later years for different singers) features James Bowman at the peak of his powers in the title role.


  1. Name
  2. Overture: Grave - Allegro - Gavotte - The King's Consort
  3. Pur Che Regni Il Figlio Amato - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  4. Chi Piu Lieto E Di Me? - Various Performers
  5. La Speranza E Giunta in Porto - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  6. Vien Di Romano Inclita Figlia - Various Performers
  7. Bel Labbro Formato - Dominique Visse/The King's Consort
  8. E Tale Otton? - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  9. Falsa Imagine - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  10. Concerto - The King's Consort
  11. Te, Che Assalir Le Nostre Navi Osasti - Various Performers
  12. Del Minacciar Del Vento - Michael George/The King's Consort
  13. Tutto a Piu Liete Cure - Various Performers
  14. Ritorna, O Dolce Amore - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  15. Anch'io Sperai - Catherine Denley/The King's Consort
  16. Diresti Poi Cosi - Catherine Denley/The King's Consort
  17. Tu La Madre D'Ottone? - Various Performers
  18. Pensa Ad Amare - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  19. Adelaide, Di Cui Con Tanta Lode - Various Performers
  20. Affanni Del Pensier - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  21. Cedi Il Ferro, O La Vita - Various Performers
  22. Tu Puoi Straziarmi - Dominique Visse/The King's Consort
  23. E' Di Piu Mio Rival? - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  24. Dell'onda Ai Fieri Moti - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  25. Per Breve Spazio a Me Colui - Various Performers
  26. Lascia, Che Nel Suo Viso - Dominique Visse/The King's Consort
  27. Ah! Che Piu Non Resisto - Various Performers
  28. Ah! Tu Non Sai - Catherine Denley/The King's Consort
  29. Ben a Ragion Matilda - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  30. Vieni, O Figlio - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  31. Quegli, E Certo Il Mio Sposo - Various Performers
  32. All'orror D'un Duolo Eterno - Catherine Denley/The King's Consort
  33. O Illustre Teofane Che Tal Ti Scuopre - Various Performers
  34. Alla Fama, Dimmi Il Vero - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  35. Con Gelosi Sospetti - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  36. Dopo L'orrore - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  37. O Grati Orrori, O Solitarie Piante! - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  38. S'io Dir Potessi - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  39. Del Gran Sasso Alla Mole Questo Braccio - Various Performers
  40. Le Profonde Vie Dell' Onde - Michael George/The King's Consort
  41. Odo Gente, Dell'antro Ripigliero - Various Performers
  42. Deh! Non Dir, Che Molle Amante - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  43. Gia D'ogni Intorno Alto Silenzio Regna - Various Performers
  44. Notte Cara, a Te Si Deve - Various Performers
  45. Dove Sei? Dolce Mia Vita! - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  46. Gia T'invola, Tiranno - Various Performers
  47. Trema, Tiranno - Jennifer Smith/The King's Consort
  48. Io Son Tradito - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  49. Tanti Affanni - James Bowman/The King's Consort
  50. Empi! Al Vostro Attentato - Various Performers
  51. D'innalzar I Flutti Al Ciel - Dominique Visse/The King's Consort
  52. Perche in Vita Tornai? - Various Performers
  53. No, Non Temere, Oh Bella! - Michael George/The King's Consort
  54. Si Mi Traete, Alme Malvagie - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  55. Benche Mi Sia Crudele - Claron McFadden/The King's Consort
  56. Uno De' Servi Miei - Various Performers
  57. Nel Suo Sangue - Catherine Denley/The King's Consort
  58. Matilda, Arresta Il Piede - Various Performers
  59. A' Teneri Affetti - Various Performers
  60. Ma Qual Caso - Various Performers
  61. Faccia Ritorno L'antica Pace - Various Performers
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