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30 Years Shot To Hell: A Tommy Womack Anthology

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30 Years Shot To Hell: A Tommy Womack Anthology
30 Years Shot To Hell: A Tommy Womack Anthology


"Tommy Womack has been a revered and fearless leader among his generation of fellow artists and kindred spirits for a long time now. Even the stories he makes up are true" Todd Snider. "Tommy Womack is a multi-hyphenated treasure: what you get when you put Keith Richards, Billy Graham, and Hunter S. Thompson in a blender and turn it on high." Marshall Chapman, author of Goodbye, Little Rock and Roller and They Came to Nashville

   "One of Nashville's finest singer-songwriters. For round pegs in square holes everywhere." - John Hiatt


  1. Name
  2. Willie Perdue
  3. The Highways Coming
  4. Yellow Cling Peaches (with Government Cheese)
  5. Cold Wind (with the Bis-quits)
  6. Angel
  7. Its Been All Over Before
  8. The End of the Line
  9. A Little Bit of Sex
  10. Nice Day
  11. Everything with You
  12. Too Much Truth (with Daddy)
  13. She Aint Speaking to Me
  14. Fish Stick Day (with Government Cheese)
  15. You Cant Get There from Here
  16. Betty Was Black & Willie Was White
  17. You Could Be at the Beach Right Now, Little Girl
  18. Camping on Acid (with Government Cheese)
  19. Martin Luther (with Daddy)
  20. Sweet Hitchhiker
  21. Positively Na Na
  22. 25 Years Ago
  23. Nancy Dunn
  24. Pot Head Blues
  25. Vicky Smith Blues (with Daddy)
  26. Christabella Wilson
  27. The Replacements
  28. Im Never Gonna Be a Rock Star
  29. Alpha Male & the Canine Mystery Blood
  30. I Dont Have a Gun
  31. Wishes Do Come True
  32. The Urge to Call
  33. Skinny & Small
  34. Guilty Snake Blues
  35. A Cockroach After the Bomb
  36. Whatever Happened to Cheetah Chrome?
  37. Too Much Month at the End of the Xanax
  38. Come on Back to Bowling Green (with Government Cheese)
  39. Johnny Bought a Ring
  40. Ill Give You Needles
  41. Feel Beautiful
  42. If Thats All There is to See
  43. They All Come Back for More

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