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The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song

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The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song
The Scottish Diaspora - The Music And The Song


This double CD is a Companion to the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry. The double CD (for the price of one) consists of 39 tracks selected from the Greentrax back-catalogue, licensed tracks and tracks specially recorded for the album, matching many of the tapestry panels. The tracks are as diverse as the Canadian song 'Scarborough Settler's Lament' by the late Stan Rogers; an aboriginal recording of 'Waltzing Matilda'; an Indian duo singing 'Auld Lang Syne' in Bengali plus the Scottish recording of this popular Robert Burns' song, which was part of the soundtrack of 'Sex and The City'; to 'The Corby Song' written by an unemployed Scotsman who followed employment, like many more, to the steelworks in Corby.


  1. Name
  2. Scots Abroad - The McCalmans
  3. Muir And The Master Builder - Dick Gaughan
  4. Tha Mi Sgith 'n Fhogar Seo - Margaret Stewart
  5. Dance Called America - Donnie Munro
  6. An Till Mise Chaoidh - Joan Mackenzie
  7. Elijah Craig - Robin Laing
  8. Land o' The Leal - Jean Redpath
  9. The Ballad of New Scotland - Alan Mills
  10. The Maple Leaf - Alan Mills
  11. The Scarborough Settler's Lament - Stan Rogers
  12. Oran a Mhetaghama - Margaret Stewart
  13. North-West Passage - The McCalmans
  14. Carry Me Across The Ocean - Mairi MacInnes
  15. A Glencoe Dance Set - Natalie MacMaster
  16. Bu Deonach Leam Tilleadh - Catherine-Ann MacPhee
  17. Strangers to The Pine - Donnie Munro
  18. Illean Bithibh Sunndach - Fiona J. Mackenzie
  19. Na h'Eilthirich - The Emigrants - Allan MacDonald
  20. Ewen and The Gold - Brian McNeill
  21. Slan le Leodhas nam Beann Fuar - Murdo MacDonald
  22. My Last Farewell To Stirling - Bruce and Walker
  23. Cuma do na Fearaibh - Margaret Stewart
  24. Shelter - Coreen Scott
  25. Waljim Bat Matilda - Ali Mills
  26. Oran Cuantireach - Fiona J. Mackenzie
  27. The Commonwealth Suite - Rua with Jimmy Young
  28. Indigo Blue - Robin Laing
  29. Purano Sei Diner Katha - Dr. Mungalampalli Balamurali Krishna & Suchitra Mitra
  30. Auld Lang Syne - The Cast
  31. Mary Slessor - Alison McMorland and Kirsty Potts
  32. The Holland Trade - Brian McNeill
  33. General Tam Dalyell - Robin Laing
  34. Le Campagne di Braga - Hamish Moore and Choirs
  35. Ged Tha Mi Gun Chrodh Gun Aighean - Margaret Stewart
  36. Yo Me Voy/Maggie's Pancakes - Salsa Celtica
  37. River of Steel - Siobhan Miller
  38. The Corby Song - George Archibald and Charlie Milne
  39. Connolly Was There - Dick Gaughan
  40. The Rovin' Dies Hard - Brian McNeill
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