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Land Of Gold

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Land Of Gold
Land Of Gold


Duncan McCrone is a Glasgow-based singer-songwriter whose musical CV goes right back to the early seventies, when he joined Hot Toddy, with Billy Ross (of Ossian fame) and Cy Jack, who has been his song-writing partner and fellow musician in virtually every musical venture since. A five-year period with folk-rock band Dapplegrim followed with Duncan then embarking on a ludicrous pop career (he says) under the name Duncan Aran, releasing a couple of singles. In the true tradition of the failed pop idol, Duncan spent a couple of years playing bass guitar in covers bands before joining the well-established folk and popular band The Clydesiders in 1982. Duncan stayed with The Clydesiders for eighteen years, until the band called it a day in 2000, however during this time he and Cy had been developing their song-writing and branched into writing and recording music for film and TV with their production company Ranza Music. In 2001 Duncan signed to the Glasgow label Downtown Records, and under the name Duncan McCrone and the Tron Band a live album, recorded at Glasgows Tron Theatre - Just a Glasgow Boy - was released. This was followed in 2006 with a studio album All You Need To Know co-produced by Bay City Roller Stuart Woody Wood, then in 2012 Duncan recorded his third album, Colourblind. Duncan and The Duncan McCrone Band are now well established in the Scottish folk scene but Duncan prefers to think of it as the 'Duncan and Cy Band', although they go out often as a trio of Duncan, Cy, Jim Yule and/or Stevie Lawrence. Land of Gold is Duncans first album for Greentrax, who welcome him warmly to the fold. The tracks include: Land of Gold featuring the wonderful Gaelic singer Kathleen Macinnes, about a girl who left the Hebrides to seek her fortune in Canadas Yukon Valley; If Wishes Were Fishes, an Eric Bogle song loved by Ian Greens wife June, to whom Duncan has dedicated the song; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, the stunning love song written by Ewan MacColl; The Pioneers, a song inspired by the story of Bashir Ahmad, Scotlands first Asian MSP; My Eldorado a lament for a life unfulfilled and full of regrets; Matt McGinns classic Magic Shadow Show; Resurrection Road (aka A Clydeside Carol), with a featured vocal by the legendary singer-songwriter Rab Noakes; My Old Man, Ewan MacColls poignant observation of the effects of advancing technology on the lives of craftsmen and their families; The Song of The Skylark, an amazing account of one of the brave little ships, which alone saved 660 souls from the Dunkirk beaches; The Surf and The Silver Fishes, a song inspired by the loss of the Carradale trawler Antares which was sunk in a tragic incident off Arran in 1990. This is a brand-new version featuring just Duncan, plus Chris Stouts wonderful piano arrangement; plus more tracks. Despite this being Duncans fourth solo album, hes very aware indeed that it belongs just as much to his co-writer and life-long friend Cy Jack, who co-wrote the original songs, and was de facto musical director on this project, but couldnt be persuaded to share the (ahem) limelight with Duncan. Duncan has always had a philosophy of working only with his friends, who just happen to be some of the finest musicians in Scotland and the North of England, and without exception they have given far more than 100% in helping make this Duncans finest album to date. On Land of Gold, the honorary Tron Band are : Duncan McCrone (vocals, guitar); Cy Jack (bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, vocals); Jim Yule (guitar, vocals); Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, guitar, bodhran, mandola, percussion); Ray Laidlaw (percussion); Chris Stout (fiddle, viola, piano); Catriona McKay (harp); Fraser Speirs (harmonica); Sandy Brechin (accordion); Finlay Macdonald (small and highland pipes, whistles); Kathleen MacInnes (vocals); Rab Noakes (vocals); Jim Jack (vocals); Paul Savage (drums). Land of Gold was recorded, mixed and mastered at the legendary Chem 9 Studios in Blantyre by the amazing Paul Savage, who co-produced the album with Duncan and Cy. The process was a joy from start to finish.


  1. Name
  2. Land Of Gold
  3. If Wishes Were Fishes
  4. The Song Of The Skylark
  5. Run, Run, Run
  6. Honeymoon Bridge
  7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
  8. The Pioneers
  9. My Eldorado
  10. Resurrection Road (A Clydesdale Carol)
  11. Magic Shadow Show
  12. My Old Man
  13. Harbour Wall
  14. The Surf And The Silver Fishes
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