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Scotland: The Music And The Song

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Scotland: The Music And The Song
Scotland: The Music And The Song


This 3CD set is released to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Greentrax Recordings, Scotland's leading traditional music company. The tracks have been carefully selected from over 300 albums in an effort to showcase this remarkable catalogue of Scottish traditional music. Only the very best of tracks have been chosen. A total of 59 tracks and nearly 4 hours of playing time.


  1. Name
  2. Farewell Tae The Heaven
  3. Some Kind Of Love
  4. Cheviot Blast Set
  5. Mothers, Daughters, Wives
  6. The Pearl
  7. Mary Morrison
  8. Chi Mi'N Geamhradh
  9. King George IV Strathspey Set
  10. The Forth Bridge Song
  11. Harlaw
  12. Nuair A Bha Mi Og
  13. The Manchester (Edinburgh) Rambler
  14. Cumha Mhic An-Toisich
  15. Niel Gow's Lament
  16. As If He Knows
  17. The Warrior's Reel
  18. Erchie CathcaIrt
  19. Pan/ Celtic Jigs
  20. Canan Nan Gaidheal
  21. Tammienorrie Set
  22. The Sleeping Tune
  23. Zagreb
  24. Good Drying
  25. Three Reels
  26. Out Of His Tree Set
  27. Theme For Scotland
  28. Easy Club Reel Set
  29. Jigs Set
  30. The Ba' Rag
  31. Bruce & The Troopers
  32. The Atlantic Reels
  33. The Clumsy Lover
  34. Journey To The Centre Of The Celts
  35. The Pumping Bass Set
  36. Glenmalambo Set
  37. Halkidiki
  38. Cumbia Celtica
  39. El Paco Grande
  40. Sail On
  41. Prince Charlie's Set
  42. The Shian Road
  43. St Kilda Set
  44. Huntin' The Buntin'
  45. Mary Kelly's Set
  46. Bonnie Bessie Logan
  47. Mason's Apron Set
  48. Puirt-a-beul
  49. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
  50. Freedom Come All Ye
  51. Deep In Thought
  52. Angel Whispers
  53. Niel Gow's Set
  54. Joy Of My Heart
  55. Edom O Gordon
  56. The Thomson Boys
  57. The Border
  58. Ian Green's
  59. A Man's a Man
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