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Chokit On A Tattie: Children

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Chokit On A Tattie: Children
Chokit On A Tattie: Children


This album is Volume 22 in the Scottish Tradition Series from the archives of The School of Scottish Studies, a series which was hailed when first released as "The most important series of traditional recordings ever". The content of this album is children's street and play songs and rhymes recorded over three decades from 1952. Much of this oral tradition has died out so the collection is very important historically.


  1. Name
  2. There Was A Fairmer's Dochter/Hush Ba/Baloo Ma Peerie Lamb/Shoo Shaggie/Shelkie Pogie
  3. Chin Cherry/Broo Broo Brenty/Chap At The Dorrie
  4. Two Wee Horses/Two Doggies/Twa Peerie Dogs/Hey A Doggie/John Smith/John Smith/This Is The Man
  5. Dance Tae Tha Daddy/Kitty Bairdie/Clap Hannies
  6. As I Climbed Up The Apple Tree/As I Gaed Up The Aipple Tree/Spome Folks Say I'm Daft
  7. Oor Quine Jeannie/Five, Six, Seven, Eight/Eenie Meenie/Eenie Meenie Macca Racca/Eetum Peetum Penny P
  8. All In Together/Evo Ivo/Eeper Weeper/Come Up And See My Garret
  9. I've A Laddie In America
  10. There Came A Girl From France/A Sailor Went To Sea/Bell Bottom Trousers
  11. Old Mrs Reilly
  12. I've Come To See Jemima
  13. Mister Frog
  14. When I Was One
  15. Who'll Come Intae Ma Wee Ring
  16. I Lost My Love
  17. King Cromalay
  18. Poor Doggie Is Dead
  19. When Suzie Was A Baby
  20. Ah Chokot On A Tattite
  21. Murder Murder Polis
  22. The Cat's Taen The Measles
  23. Aunty Mary
  24. Wee Johnny's Lost His Marble
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