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Come In

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Come In
Come In


Weatherday is the noise-pop project of the mononymous Swedish artist Sputnik. While they have also found success with their side project, Lola's Pocket PC, it is their cult-acclaimed album Come in that has garnered them a large and dedicated following through its raucous musical universe and serpentine sparklepunk stylings. Often heralded as an achievement of lo-fi bedroom pop tangled with threads of emo and DIY, Come in is better described, in its author's own words, as a 'life goal.'

The initial spark that ignited the fiery, heated debut from Weatherday originated from Sputnik's desire to write, perform, and produce a record all on their own, from the ground up. Starting in 2014-2015, their preliminary attempts at what would eventually become Come in first materialized as a shoegaze EP, and then a dream-pop meets chamber-pop LP. Ever the perfectionist though, Sputnik wasn't satisfied with the results and deleted the releases without a trace, finally deciding to set out in the direction of something more akin to their longtime influences of emo and its various subgenres.

After two years of tinkering in this stylistic sweetspot, Sputnik settled on the eleven knotted, maximal tracks that comprise Come in. From the caustic, harsh peaks of 'Sleep in while you're doing your best' to the soothing piano-laden passages of 'Embarrassing paintings' and experimental, granular coda of 'Water dreamer the same,' the range of Weatherday's debut is doubtlessly a product of an artist who refuses to compromise a single shred of their vision.


  1. Name
  2. Come in
  3. Older than before (Oswald made no way for himself)
  4. Mio, min Mio
  5. Sleep in while you're doing your best
  6. My sputnik sweetheart
  7. Cut lips
  8. Embarrassing paintings (Agatha showed great initiative in art class this week)
  9. Water dreamer the same
  10. Painted girl's theme
  11. (Agatha! You're being melodramatic)
  12. Porcelain hands
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