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Chicago Hit Factory (The Vee J

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Chicago Hit Factory (The Vee J
Chicago Hit Factory (The Vee J


Celebrating sixty years since the launch of one of the most successful independent record labels in US popular music. Received wisdom would have us believe that before Motown, no black-owned record company had made a significant impact on the US mainstream. However, the actuality is something else entirely. Way back in the early 50s, long before Berry Gordy had written his first song, VEE-JAY RECORDS - a black, family owned and run, Chicago-based label - was establishing itself via a steady stream of Blues, R&B, DooWop and Gospel hits. Vee-Jay opened for business in 1953 and for a dozen or so years - until their spectacular fall from grace, under a welter of debts, in 1966 - they flourished virtually unchallenged as the premier black label in the United States, registering not only a flood of hits on the R&B charts, but regularly crossing them over to the Top 100. In addition to their Blues, R&B and Soul successes, they also charted with white acts - most notably The Four Seasons, whose first three Vee-Jay singles went to #1 - and with licensed-in material from the UK (they famously issued the first Beatles records in the US). They were certainly the first black indie to acknowledge the significance the albums' market - they even cut a double-LP on Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall - and they scored equally heavily with mainstream Jazz and Gospel recordings. This 10-CD set traces the history of Vee-Jay records from its very first hit, 'Baby It's You' by The Spaniels, through to Jerry Butler's re-cut of his perennial 'For Your Precious Love', their very last chart record in early 1966. Due to restrictions of playing time it is not possible to include every chart record, nor - for contractual reasons - is it possible to include more than a couple of tracks by The Four Seasons, The Beatles, or other licensed-in UK hits. Nonetheless, these ten discs present a coherent, enjoyable history of the Vee-Jay family - as well as the 'parent' label, there were also the Falcon, Abner, Tollie and Interphon subsidiaries - including a plethora of fascinating releases that didn't quite make it. Features a generous 269 tracks, including 112 hits, by more than 120 different artists, and a 72-page, memorabilia-laden, perfect bound booklet comprising a detailed history of the Vee-Jay family of labels and their artists, together with wealth of photos.


  1. Name
  2. Baby, It`s You
  3. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  4. You Don`t Have To Go
  5. At My Front Door
  6. You Painted Pictures
  7. Hands Off
  8. I`ll Be Forever Loving You
  9. Ain`t That Lovin` You, Baby
  10. Up On The Mountain
  11. Oh, What A Night
  12. You`ve Got Me Dizzy
  13. Little Rain
  14. Everyone`s Laughing
  15. The Sun Is Shining
  16. Honest I Do
  17. You Can Make It If You Try
  18. Have Faith
  19. I Love You Honey
  20. For Your Precious Love
  21. Here I Stand
  22. Nobody But You
  23. I`m Gonna Get My Baby
  24. Just Keep It Up
  25. Hey, Little Girl
  26. Just A Little Bit
  27. How About That
  28. Baby, What You Want Me To Do
  29. Easy Lovin`
  30. He Will Break Your Heart
  31. Hush-hush
  32. Your Friends
  33. Close Together
  34. Find Another Girl
  35. Exodus
  36. Big Boss Man
  37. Raindrops
  38. Every Beat Of My Heart
  39. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  40. I`m A-telling You
  41. Bright Lights Big City
  42. Moon River
  43. Duke Of Earl
  44. Night Owl
  45. Duchess Of Earl
  46. Boom, Boom
  47. Walk On With The Duke
  48. Good Lover
  49. Make It Easy On Yourself
  50. Sherry
  51. I Remember You
  52. I`m Going Back To School
  53. You Can Run (But You Can`t Hide)
  54. Big Girls Don`t Cry
  55. You Threw A Lucky Punch
  56. Lovesick Blues
  57. Rainbow
  58. Peanuts
  59. Shame, Shame, Shame
  60. Spring
  61. Man`s Temptation
  62. You`re No Good
  63. Need To Belong
  64. It`s In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
  65. Giving Up On Love
  66. Love Me Do
  67. P. S. I Love You
  68. I Stand Accused
  69. I Can`t Hear You (No More)
  70. My Adorable One
  71. Whole Lotta Shakin` Goin` On
  72. Let It Be Me
  73. Getting Mighty Crowded
  74. Smile
  75. I Want My Baby Back
  76. The Boy Next Door
  77. Good Times
  78. Stay In My Corner
  79. Since I Don`t Have You
  80. Oo Wee, Baby, I Love You
  81. Let`s Do It Over
  82. I Don`t Know What You`ve Got, But It`s Got Me - Parts 1 & 2
  83. I`m The Man Down There
  84. You Can`t Take It Away
  85. For Your Precious Love
  86. My Loving Baby
  87. Get Lost
  88. I Really Do
  89. Zing, Zing, Zing
  90. This Is The Night
  91. Bobby Sox Bab
  92. Bim, Bam, Boom
  93. Crazy Over You
  94. For All We Know
  95. You Gave Me Peace Of Mind
  96. Mother`s Son
  97. Great Googley Moo
  98. Ozeta
  99. It`s You I Love
  100. Judy
  101. My Love
  102. Miss You, My Dear
  103. Shombalor
  104. Wish I Was Back In School
  105. It Doesn`t Matter
  106. `till Forever More
  107. I Know
  108. Bus Fare Home
  109. Golden Teardrops
  110. Much In Need
  111. Real Gone Mama
  112. Tragic
  113. Tango Bop
  114. Ain`t Times Hard
  115. She`s Five Feet Three (Aka Brown Skin Baby)
  116. I Wish You Would
  117. Hurt My Feelings
  118. Fool`s Prayer
  119. I Ain`t Got You
  120. If You Won`t Stay Home
  121. Big Town Playboy
  122. Can`t Stand To See You Go
  123. Dimples
  124. You`ll Always Have A Home
  125. The Telephone Is Ringing
  126. Every Woman I Know
  127. Honey, Where You Going?
  128. The Twelve Year Old Boy
  129. I Found My Peace Of Mind
  130. If You Don`t Want Me No More
  131. It Hurts Me Too
  132. Oh, Baby, You Have To Go
  133. Stroll On, Little Girl
  134. Take Out Some Insurance
  135. Rockin` The House (Beer Drinkin` Woman)
  136. Found Love
  137. No Shoes
  138. Oh, Baby
  139. My First Wife Left Me
  140. Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth
  141. Baby, What`s Wrong?
  142. Annie`s Answer
  143. Oop-de-oop
  144. Rock And Roll Mama
  145. Seven Nights
  146. Oh! Little Girl
  147. Hattie Malatti
  148. Mama Loochie
  149. The Twist
  150. You Got What It Takes
  151. Blues, Get Off My Shoulder
  152. Pigtails And Blue Jeans
  153. Come Back My Love
  154. A Rockin` Good Way
  155. Everything Will Be Alright
  156. Lost
  157. No More Doggin`
  158. No More Doggin`
  159. I Wanna Be The Only One
  160. Mustang
  161. I`ll Come Runnin`
  162. A Lonely Soldier
  163. Baby, Let Me Love You Tonight
  164. You`re Looking Good
  165. I`ll Come Runnin`
  166. I Beg Of You
  167. Mr. Big Wheel
  168. Be Mine
  169. That`s A Good Idea
  170. At The Party
  171. Cops And Robbers
  172. Welcome Stranger
  173. As Sure As I Live
  174. Dance On, Little Girl
  175. Baby, I`m Not Over You Yet
  176. It`s Really Real
  177. Tear For Fear
  178. Move And Groove
  179. Whatever You Want
  180. Shook Up Over You
  181. Shakin` Fit
  182. Do Somethin` Baby
  183. Please Don`t Go
  184. I Don`t Want To Hear It Anymore
  185. It Hurts To Be In Love
  186. Make Up Your Mind
  187. Gonna Take A Journey
  188. Ain`t That Loving You, Baby?
  189. Whisper Of The Wind
  190. Here Alone
  191. I Love You Always
  192. In Your Heart (You Know I`m Right)
  193. It`s Not Unusual
  194. I`m Gonna Be Ready
  195. The Whoo Pee
  196. I Can`t Stand To See You Cry
  197. Just For You
  198. Big Mr. Heartbreaker
  199. Jerry (I`m Your Sherry)
  200. Hello, Trouble
  201. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  202. Bachelor Man
  203. Jealous Eyes
  204. Second Best
  205. S. P. C. L. G. (Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Little Girls)
  206. Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby
  207. Love Kitten
  208. Hey, Monkey
  209. Watch Over Her
  210. Rockin` Robin
  211. Dreamin` Of You
  212. You Made A Fool Of Me
  213. A Spanish Boy
  214. Get Behind Me Devil
  215. Farmer John
  216. Double Dare
  217. One Girl, One Boy
  218. Snow Man
  219. Shoop Shoop De Doop, Rama Lama
  220. Good Old Days
  221. You`re The Apple Of My Eye
  222. Bring Your Lovin`
  223. Dream For Sale
  224. Unless You Care
  225. Lost Summer Love
  226. How I Wish You Came
  227. Big Boss Man
  228. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray
  229. This May Be My Last Time
  230. Prayer For Tomorrow
  231. Sinner`s Crossroads
  232. Uncloudy Day
  233. Sinner Man
  234. Let Me Ride (Swing Down Chariot)
  235. Motherless Child
  236. If Jesus Came To Your House
  237. The Road Home
  238. Oh Mary, Don`t You Weep
  239. Leave You In The Hands Of The Lord
  240. So Soon
  241. Operator
  242. God Has Not Promised
  243. Wade In The Water
  244. What Will Tomorrow Bring?
  245. I Can See Everybody`s Mother
  246. He Lives
  247. Surely God Is Able
  248. Walk With Me
  249. Camp Meeting
  250. I`m Journeying On
  251. Precious Lord
  252. Jesus Is The Answer
  253. Nobody But You
  254. Mack The Knife
  255. Just In Time
  256. Joe`s Avenue
  257. On Green Dolphin Street
  258. Runnin`
  259. Doing That Thing (Double Stopping)
  260. I Only Have Eyes For You (Live)
  261. Whispering Bossa Nova
  262. I Got Rhythm
  263. Streets Of Laredo
  264. Love For Sale
  265. Love Letters (Live)
  266. Cousin Mary
  267. Zarac, The Evil One
  268. Hazing
  269. Fat Lady
  270. Juggin` Around
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