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Jesus of Cool

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Jesus of Cool
Jesus of Cool


He was a washed-up veteran of the beat group wars with an empty diary and a sore back, having kipped on a couch since the 1975 break up of his former group, Brinsley Schwarz. But within two years Nick Lowe had established himself as an artist, songwriter, record producer and celebrated instigator of the 'New Wave', via the ingenuity of Stiff Records and his own unique vision. With his debut album ready to ship, Nick was walking on water. In the words of Sounds writer, Tim Lott, he had become 'a bona fide Jesus Of Cool'! Manager Jake Riviera was quick to seize on Lott's phrase for the album title. 'We thought it was ludicrous but fantastic,' says Nick, 'an outrageous thing to say. It seems like nothing now, but at the time it fitted perfectly. The Americans wouldn't go with it, of course. They wanted a different title, thus Pure Pop For Now People. Jake loved it "Two album titles? Yes Please!" - it was right up his street.' Tracks: Music For Money / I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass / Little Hitler / Shake And Pop / Tonight / So It Goes / No Reason / 36 Inches High / Marie Provost / Nutted By Reality / Heart Of The City (live). Bonus tracks: Shake That Rat / I Love My Label / They Called It Rock / Born A Woman / Endless Sleep / Halfway To Paradise / Rollers Show / Cruel To Be Kind (original version) / Heart Of The City / I Don't Want The Night To End.


  1. Name
  2. Music For Money
  3. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
  4. Little Hitler
  5. Shake And Pop
  6. Tonight
  7. So It Goes
  8. No Reason
  9. 36 Inches High
  10. Marie Provost
  11. Nutted By Reality
  12. Heart Of The City (Live).
  13. Shake That Rat (Bonus Track)
  14. I Love My Label (Bonus Track)
  15. They Called It Rock (Bonus Track)
  16. Born A Woman (Bonus Track)
  17. Endless Sleep (Bonus Track)
  18. Halfway To Paradise (Bonus Track)
  19. Rollers Show (Bonus Track)
  20. Cruel To Be Kind (Original Version)(Bonus Track)
  21. Heart Of The City (Bonus Track)
  22. I Don't Want The Night To End (Bonus Track)
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