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La Muse

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La Muse
La Muse


This album features two completely different works by French composers both written in 1944: Trio a Cordes Op.105 by Florent Schmitt and Suite La Muse Menagere by Darius Milhaud. One is turbulent and magnificent, the other intimate and poetic. The two composers could not be more different, and might be said to clash. And yet, Prisma String Trio feel their works are a beautiful match and complement each other well. Was it inspiration, call it the Muse, that brought the two together? Florent Schmitt's muse seems to be Music itself, leading him on in an explosion of compositional creativity. Darius Milhaud names his wife Madeleine as his muse and pours his gratitude into a musical tribute.

Overwhelming, there is no other word for the Trio a Cordes by Florent Schmitt. A string trio with such unique lyricism and such rich harmonies is not often heard, it is overflowing with expression and romance. Beyond impressionism. There is no modern recording of the Trio a Cordes; only 2 LPs were made in 1947 and 1985. The Prisma String Trio dares to take on the challenge of honouring this notoriously tricky work with a modern recording.

The Milhauds are an artistic family. We know Darius as the figurehead of the famed Groupe des Six and Madeleine is a celebrated actress and librettist. Milhaud's health is frail for most of his life and he ends up in a wheelchair. He was lovingly cared for throughout his life by his wife Madeleine. Out of gratitude he wrote 15 miniatures for her La Muse Menagere. The arrangements of these 15 miniatures have been specially arranged for Prisma String Trio by their loved ones, their own muses; Bob Gilmore, Petra Griffioen, Tim Kliphuis en Marijn van Prooijen.

Since its inception in 2002, Prisma String Trio has been lauded for its cutting edge performances. Firmly rooted in the classical string tradition, the Trio presents music from all over the world, from all ages and in many styles, bringing the historic and the contemporary together in an organic way. Prisma have performed in The Royal Concertgebouw, De Doelen, Muziekgebouw and Rijksmuseum halls, at international festivals such as Wonderfeel, Grachtenfestival and November Music and on radio and TV.


  1. Name
  2. Florent Schmitt: Trio a Cordes Op. 105 - Anime Sans Exces
  3. Trio a Cordes Op. 105 - Alerte Sans Exageration
  4. Trio a Cordes Op. 105 - Lent
  5. Trio a Cordes Op. 105 - A L'allure D'une Ronde Animee
  6. Darius Milhaud: La Muse Menagere - La Mienne
  7. La Muse Menagere - Le Reviel
  8. La Muse Menagere - Les Soins Du Menage
  9. La Muse Menagere - La Poesie
  10. La Muse Menagere - La Cuisine
  11. La Muse Menagere - Les Fleurs Dans La Maison
  12. La Muse Menagere - La Lessive
  13. La Muse Menagere - Musique Ensemble
  14. La Muse Menagere - Le Fils Peintre
  15. La Muse Menagere - Le Chat
  16. La Muse Menagere - Cartomancie
  17. La Muse Menagere - Les Soins Au Malade
  18. La Muse Menagere - La Douceur Des Soirees
  19. La Muse Menagere - Lectures Nocturnes
  20. La Muse Menagere - Reconnaissance a La Muse

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