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Already Are

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Already Are
Already Are


'Already Are' is the brand-new album from singer/songwriter John Coinman. It's the follow-up of the Arizonian's critically acclaimed 'Songs From The Modern West', a title that also became the nom de plume for John and his band as collaborators of actor, director and singer Kevin Costner when Costner asked long time friend Coinman for a musical collaboration. The John Coinman Band became Modern West, John its musical leader and main songwriter and as Kevin Costner & Modern West many shows and 3 albums followed. But as any real artist John Coinman felt the need to do express himself in his own way, with his own songs and in his own sun baked gritty voice. Coinman, who lives in Tucson, Arizona, is a son of the desert and those expansive spaces of sand and heath can be heard in his music. Additionally Coinman has an actor's skill for inhabiting a character into a song. John Coinman has written songs for various films, been musical supervisor on the film Dances With Wolves, played the part of a musician in The Postman,. Asked about (early) influences he mentions Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Marty Robbins & The Cream amongst others. Great albums should consist of both entertaining and thought provoking songs to suit all moods and needs, something that only a few achieve. This one certainly does! ( Essentially this is an album that comes with a promise - you're going to love it. ( There are times when one is reminded of music from the 60s through 80s, but it feels like it is made for now, rather than an exercise in recreating something. The central element here is Coinman's voice, which has the strength of someone who has lived life and learned what his voice is and what it is for. There is a little grit in there that adds an edge..'Already Are' is a fine album. (


  1. Name
  2. Already Are
  3. Turn The Page
  4. Sky Full Of You
  5. That's What You Do For Fame
  6. Five Minutes From America
  7. Oklahoma City
  8. The Angels Came Down
  9. As She Fades Away With My Love
  10. For You
  11. Trusted Friend
  12. Hey Man What About You
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