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Coming Home

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Coming Home
Coming Home


'Coming Home' is the ninth studio album of blues-guitar-virtuoso Julian Sas's and the first as a foursome with new addition Roland Bakker on keyboards. Fans and critics paying attention to detail already noticed on Sas's previous successful outing 'Bound To Roll', a modest change of direction. Especially the fat Hammond organ licks caught their attention. The Julian Sas Band is a band always searching for what makes the difference. Julian Sas - " makes me feel real good to come up again with a new sound... a band on the move is always looking for new input, and new sounds... I'm very excited about my 'new' band with Roland Baker on keyboards and the strong, reliable rhythm section of my loyal partners in crime Tenny Tahamata on bass and Rob Heijne on drums. They are the best". A song that highlights the new direction is the dark sounding 'A Change Is Gonna Come' in which Julian Sas on guitar and Roland Bakker on keyboard play a joint melody-line. The lyric, Julian explains, is about the quest of man. Where and why? Aren't we all looking for a change? A life of freedom in every sense without fear? A life without threads of religious or political fanatics? Many of the songs on 'Coming Home' are about freedom, spiritual and physical, about taking responsibility and the like. In 'Fear of Falling' Julian expresses feelings about losing somebody very dear, the things unsaid, the last goodbye, the acceptance and at the same time the sad look full of fearand the one staying behind knowing that once this will happen to him or her too. An emotional song somewhat reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. But there is also 'Jump For Joy' a BOOGIE in capital letters that captures the feel of joy and excitement when you walk on a stage to conquer a hungry audience... happiness, drive, passion, rock 'n' roll !!!


  1. Name
  2. Jump For Joy
  3. Did You Ever Wonder
  4. A Change Is Gonna Come
  5. The Road Is My Companion
  6. Fear Of Falling
  7. Coming Home
  8. End Of The Line
  9. Shame On You
  10. Stop Talking Jive
  11. Brighter Days
  12. Walking Home With Angels
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