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2000 - 2005

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2000 - 2005
2000 - 2005


This is the second box set from guitar-ace Julian Sas and includes all the recordings made by the second line-up of the Julian Sas Band.

The set includes the albums Ragin' River, Delivered (2CD's), Twilight Skies of Life as well as Acoustic (previously only available as a bonus CD with the first pressing of Ragin' River) and the 2CD's that were only available as part of the 2 DVD set Dedication.


  1. Name
  2. When I Boogie
  3. Mother Earth
  4. Am I Losing My Way
  5. Mean Old City
  6. Ragin' River
  7. Devil Woman
  8. Tomorrow Is A Promise (To No One)
  9. Hard To Tell
  10. Searchin'
  11. Signature Blues
  12. Texas Tornado
  13. Jockey Blues
  14. Long Distance Call
  15. Cat Man Blues
  16. Too Much Alcohol
  17. Sugarcup Boogie (Live)
  18. Spellbound Woman (Live)
  19. Home Feeling (Live)
  20. Driftin' Boogie (Live)
  21. Mother Earth (Live)
  22. I Believe To My Soul (Live)
  23. A Light In The Dark (Live)
  24. Ragin' River (Live)
  25. Make My Water (Live)
  26. Roll On (Live)
  27. When I Boogie (Live)
  28. Am I Losing My Way (Live)
  29. Mean Old City (Live)
  30. I Wonder Who (Live)
  31. Hey Joe (Live)
  32. Blues For The Lost And Found (Live)
  33. Traveling Home / Bull Frog Blues / Boogie Jam (Live)
  34. Helping Hand
  35. Freedom Bound
  36. I'm Still Crying
  37. The One To Blame
  38. That's Enough For Me
  39. Lost Again
  40. Looking' For A Friend
  41. It Ain't Easy
  42. Devil Got My Number
  43. Think About It
  44. That's Enough For Me (Radio Version)
  45. Helpin' Hand (Live)
  46. Lost Again (Live)
  47. High And Low (Live)
  48. Blues For J. (Live)
  49. The One To Blame (Live)
  50. Morning Rain (Live)
  51. Driftin' Boogie (Live)
  52. That's Enough For Me (Live)
  53. Think About It (Live)
  54. I Believe To My Soul (Live)
  55. Sugarcup Boogie (Live)
  56. Lookin' For A Friend (Live)
  57. Making My Return (Live)
  58. I'm Still Crying (Live)
  59. The Devil Got My Number (Live)
  60. Blues For The Lost And Found (Live)
  61. Hey Joe (Live)
  62. Make My Water (Live)
  63. Tale Spreader (Live)
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