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Parentheses Of Antitheses

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Parentheses Of Antitheses
Parentheses Of Antitheses


Quiet reservation at first, then followed by a powerful intensity - emotions crowd together on Irmie Vesselskys debut album. With the power of her voice and magical piano melodies, the Austrian singer/songwriter presents 12 touching songs about her life. Vesselskys music is full of variety, melancholy and execution. The contradictions are what strike a chord as well as the 25-year-olds apparent ease in recounting them. Its a story of adornment, a story of bewilderment, she laments on her opener The Knife to then follow with the intoxicating and optimistic World Without Fence, which gives in to the dream of freedom. Through the emotional highs and lows of life, Vesselsky takes the listener on a wild and passionate, and then gentle and fragile journey. Images full of feeling are created like the memorable melodies, which seem to have been appeared out of nothing. Reduced but intense passages mark Parentheses Of Antitheses or the sad Scorpios Kiss, where music and voice suggle up to each other harmonically. This is a game that Vesselsky masters quite well: as if voice and piano were dancing only to lose touch and then in complete joy find their way back to each other once again. Violin passages are mixed into this dance again and again, played by the FM4 musician Sir Tralala. The effects are made by Vesselsky herself: understated but effective.


  1. Name
  2. The Knife
  3. World Without Fence
  4. The Last Dance
  5. Wasteland
  6. Breathing
  7. Life still goes on
  8. (in Parenthesis)
  9. Alcatraz
  10. Run
  11. The night Is Mine
  12. Scorpio's Kiss
  13. Tired Of
  14. Unheard_1922rmx
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