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Vocalist Nynke sings in Frisian, a language of the northern part of the Netherlands, and combines this with flamenco and fado influences to create her own unique "Mediterranean-Frisian" style. Production is by the acclaimed multiple award-winning producer/guitarist Javier Limon who has produced benchmark albums by fado star Mariza, Spanish phenomenon Buika, Anoushka Shankar and Yasmin Levy.

Inspired by all forms of Mediterranean and Latin music, from fado and flamenco to various Latin American traditions, and singing in her mother tongue with its rich history and great poetic quality, Nynke previously recorded three albums which have earned her a gold disc, an Edison (the Dutch Music Awards) and a literary prize for her writing.

Javier Limon became fascinated by Nynke's original take on Mediterranean music, and wanted to work with her on her new album. So 'Alter' was born, from an encounter between two people who were to become united by their common love for language and poetry, by their quests for ways to capture emotion in music.

Javier Limon produced and played flamenco guitar, bouzouki and oud and Sytze Pruiksma played an assortment of instruments, including the Noardske balke (a Frisian ancestor of the dulcimer). And they were joined by a handful of Spanish contributors.

With her distinctive style of poetry, that reflects the moods and feelings elicited by those peculiar, flat and broad Frisian landscapes, Nynke is contributing to the preservation and development of one of the few European minority languages.

Personnel: Nynke Laverman (vocals), Javier Limon (flamenco guitar, bouzouki, oud), Sytze Pruiksma (percussion, marimba, noardske balke, dulcimer, harmonium, piano), Tsjebbe Hettinga (voice/poetry), Manuel Machado (flugelhorn), Antonio Serrano (harmonica), Saul Quiros (flamenco vocals), Belen Lopez (flamenco dancing), Rafael Jiménez 'El Chispas' (cajon, palmas), Saúl Quirós, Belén López (palmas)


  1. Name
  2. Foarjiersfers
  3. Duns Fan De Siedden
  4. Nei Hus
  5. Foarsizzing
  6. Balts
  7. Awaiting
  8. Eftereach
  9. Lit Los
  10. Tichter
  11. Wetterjuffer
  12. De Brulloft
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