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Two Roomed Motel

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Two Roomed Motel
Two Roomed Motel


From the heart of the strange, suburban environment known as the San Fernando Valley, a vast sprawl on the edge of Los Angeles, Scott Gilmore produces his own brand of seductive, beguiling and dreamy pop music.

This is how Scott describes what he does: "I make music using synthesizers, drum machines, electric bass, and acoustic and electric guitars. I try to write music that is both beautiful and engaging. I enjoy writing many melodies, harmonies and counter melodies into my compositions to develop a sense of forward motion. My main influences include Brian Eno, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Stereolab, Talking Heads, YMO, '70's and '80's Ethiopian Music, J.S. Bach, and the out-takes from the Beach Boys' Smile Sessions." (from an interview in Titel - Kultur Magazine)

His first album 'Subtle Vertigo' elicited praise from the media. Comparisons to sounds as diverse as those of Air, Stereolab, Italian film music from the '70s and to solitary eccentrics such as R. Stevie Moore and Captain Beefheart were drawn.

From the media reactions to Scott Gilmore's previous album: "

It takes its principal stylistic cues from Krautrock and library music; the album often sounds like Air's Moon Safari or Stereolab's Dots and Loops run through a beat-up transistor radio that's been wrapped in cheesecloth." - Pitchfork

"Light, melodious, somehow simultaneously of "now" and plausibly a hitherto unheard relic from a bygone age." - Vice

"A bedroom pop experimentalist. Dreamy." - Stereogum


  1. Name
  2. Empty Aisles
  3. Two Roomed Motel
  4. All Our Stuff
  5. Cascade Occurence
  6. A Veil Between
  7. Rooms We've Made
  8. Blue Rhumba
  9. Memories Of A Long Day
  10. Of Places Read
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