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Searching For Sparks ~ The Albums 1985-1996: 7CD Clamshell Boxset

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  • Immaculate Fools were formed in 1984 in Kent. The original line-up consisted of two sets of brothers: Kevin & Paul Weatherill, as well as Andy & Peter Ross. Their distinctive indie-pop sound soon landed them a deal with A&M Records, who issued their debut album “Hearts Of Fortune” in 1985.
  • Over the course of 11 years, the band released six critically acclaimed albums and found success across the world with songs such as ‘Immaculate Fools’, ‘Tragic Comedy’, ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘The Prince’ and ‘Stand Down’.
  • Now for the first time, their ’80s and ’90s albums are brought together and expanded with additional material, in a new box set from Cherry Red.
  • Bonus live disc features rare BBC sessions and previously unreleased recordings
  • Includes a wealth of B-sides
  • Liner notes by Miles Hunt of The Wonder Stuff
  • Introduction from lead singer Kevin Raymond Weatherill
  • Photos and discography


  1. Name
  2. Searching For Sparks
  3. Nothing Means Nothing
  4. Save It
  5. Hearts Of Fortune
  6. Immaculate Fools
  7. What About Me
  8. I Fell
  9. Counting On You
  10. Day By Day
  11. Waiting
  12. Little Tickets (B-Side)
  13. Tumbling Down (B-Side)
  14. Save It (New Recording)
  15. Hearts Of Fortune (New Version)
  16. In The Palm Of Your Heart (B-Side)
  17. Immaculate Fools (Acoustic Version)
  18. As The Crow Flies (B-Side)
  19. Never Give Less Than Everything
  20. Tragic Comedy
  21. One Minute
  22. Dumb Poet
  23. So Much Here
  24. Wish You Were Here
  25. Dont Drive Hope From My Heart
  26. She Fools Everyone
  27. Pretty Prize Now
  28. Stay Away
  29. Love Bites (B-Side)
  30. Wish You Were Here (7 Version)
  31. All I Want Is You (B-Side)
  32. Tragic Comedy (7 Version)
  33. All Fall Down (B-Side)
  34. Dumb Poet (Live B-Side)
  35. Another Mans World
  36. Sad
  37. The Prince
  38. This Is Not Love
  39. Bad Seed
  40. Falling Apart Together
  41. Come On Jayne
  42. Got Me By The Heart
  43. Stop Now
  44. Fighting Again
  45. Falling Apart Together (7 Version)
  46. Got Me By The Heart (7 Version)
  47. The Prince (Radio Edit)
  48. Will We Rise (B-Side)
  49. Last Time I Surrender (B-Side)
  50. Stand Down
  51. Heaven Down Here
  52. Political Wish
  53. Cotillas
  54. The Leaving Song
  55. Wonder Of Things
  56. Good Times
  57. Through These Eyes
  58. Bed Of Tears
  59. How The West Was Won
  60. Stand Down (Edit Version)
  61. Thanks, But No Thanks (B-Side)
  62. All In A Day (B-Side)
  63. Rain
  64. Some Of Us
  65. The Ship Song
  66. Time To Kill
  67. Profits For Prophets
  68. Pass The Jug
  69. Rudy
  70. Home
  71. Bury My Heart
  72. Wish You Were Here
  73. If You Go
  74. Little Bird Sing
  75. Ready For Me
  76. Kiss And Punch
  77. No I Dont Think So
  78. Love Us?
  79. Government Wall
  80. Tinderbox
  81. No Gods, No Masters
  82. Rain Song
  83. Hard Peace
  84. Killing Field
  85. Whole World Down
  86. El Amanacer
  87. No Dancing (B-Side)
  88. Hearts Of Fortune (Live B-Side)
  89. What About Me (Live B-Side)
  90. Immaculate Fools (Live B-Side)
  91. Little Tickets (Live At The Bbc, January 12th, 1985)
  92. Tumbling Down (Live At The Bbc, January 12th, 1985)
  93. Day By Day (Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  94. Save It (Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  95. Hearts Of Fortune (Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  96. Nothing Means Nothing (Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  97. Immaculate Fools(Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  98. Counting On You (Live At The Paris Theatre London, September 29th, 1984)
  99. Immaculate Fools (Live Intro, Salamanca 1988)
  100. All I Want Is You (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  101. Dumb Poet (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  102. Hearts Of Fortune (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  103. Little Tickets (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  104. Nothing Means Nothing (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  105. One Minute (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  106. All Fall Down (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  107. Tragic Comedy (Live, Salamanca 1988)
  108. Searching For Sparks (Live, Salamanca 1988)

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