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Skeletal Framework - The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986

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Skeletal Framework - The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986
Skeletal Framework - The Cherry Red Recordings 1981-1986


  • The complete Eyeless In Gaza Cherry Red recordings, compiled and curated by Martyn Bates and Pete Becker.
  • 5CD clamshell box set featuring sleevenotes and extensive song-by-song reminisces by Martyn Bates.
  • Their entire 1981-1986 output for the label re-worked into five thematic suites by the band, bringing new life and light to familiar and much-loved material.
  • Includes the classics ‘Invisibility’, ‘Veil Like Calm’, Kodak Ghosts Run Amok’, ‘New Risen’ and many more.
  • A brilliant introduction for the curious and a fascinating re-visit for long-term fans.

During the first half of the 1980s, few artists cut a path as individual and self-contained as Eyeless In Gaza. Over six albums and several classic singles, the duo followed their muse in multiple different directions at once, unrestrained by any desire to fit in with whatever was going on around them. Bursts of primal electronica sat comfortably alongside reflective ballads and lo-fi recordings and polished productions were equally valued, all of it pulled together by Martyn Bates’ unmistakable vocals and a singular, minimalist approach to songwriting.

Curated by Eyeless In Gaza, and accompanied by Martyn Bates’ song-by-song reflections on their work, ‘Skeletal Framework’ presents the band’s entire Cherry Red output re-cast as five themed suites (or perhaps even playlists), each reflecting one of their many sides. The group’s best-known work sits comfortably alongside deeper album cuts and rarities with interesting results, as the duo guide us back and forth across recordings spanning almost six years of one of Cherry Red’s most distinctive artists.


  1. Name
  2. Looking Daggers
  3. Skeletal Framework
  4. Half Light
  5. September Hills
  6. The Feelings Mutual
  7. In Your Painting
  8. Fixation
  9. Continual
  10. Scale Amiss
  11. Faceless
  12. The Decoration
  13. Voice From The Tracks
  14. Whitewash
  15. True Colour
  16. Out From The Day-To-Day
  17. Plague Of Years
  18. Taking Steps (Original Version)
  19. A Keepsake
  20. From A To B
  21. Soul On Thin Ice
  22. Seven Years
  23. Knives Replace Air
  24. Others
  25. No Perfect Stranger
  26. Twilight
  27. One By One
  28. Sweet Life Longer
  29. Everpresent
  30. Two
  31. China Blue Vision
  32. New Love Here
  33. Speech Rapid Fire
  34. Changing Stations
  35. Sun Bursts In
  36. Point You
  37. Clear Cut Apparently
  38. Veil Like Calm
  39. Welcome Now
  40. New Risen
  41. Pencil Sketch
  42. Picture The Day
  43. Rose Petal Knot
  44. Invisibility
  45. Pearl And Pale
  46. Keynote Inertia
  47. Taking Steps  
  48. Kodak Ghosts Run Amok
  49. Drumming The Beating Heart
  50. Lie Still, Sleep Long
  51. See Red
  52. Bright Play Of Eyes
  53. Corner Of Dusk
  54. Before You Go
  55. At Arms Length
  56. Catch Me
  57. No Noise
  58. Evening Music
  59. Every Which Way
  60. Stealing Autumn
  61. My Last, Lost Melody
  62. Far Lands Blue
  63. Your Rich Sky
  64. Only Whispers
  65. Leaves Are Dancing
  66. Back From The Rains
  67. Between These Dreams
  68. Flight Of Swallows
  69. Catch Me, Count Me, Catch Fire
  70. Light Sliding
  71. Dusky Ruth
  72. Ill Wind Blows
  73. The Eyes Of Beautiful Losers
  74. Inky Blue Sky
  75. Throw A Shadow
  76. Tall And White Nettles
  77. Sixth Sense
  78. Lights Of April
  79. Scent Of Evening Air
  80. Transience Blues
  81. Through Eastfields
  82. Lilt Of Music
  83. To Ellen
  84. Tell
  85. Still Air
  86. She Moves Thru The Fair
  87. Blue Distance
  88. Big Clipper Ship
  89. Dreaming At Rain
  90. Pale Saints
  91. Lies Of Love
  92. To Steven
  93. John Of Patmos
  94. Avenue With Trees
  95. Sun Like Gold
  96. Sheer Cliffs
  97. Letters To She
  98. Jane Dancing
  99. Three Kittens
  100. To Elizabeth S.
  101. Falling Leaf/Fading Flower;Goodbye To Summer
  102. Warm Breath Soft And Slow
  103. You Frighten

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