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At The Roundhouse

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At The Roundhouse
At The Roundhouse


On Friday 26 May this year, Hawkwind returned to Londons legendary Roundhouse venue in Chalk Farm for the first time in 40 years. It was also some 45 years after the band famously performed at the venue (captured for posterity on the Greasy Truckers Party album), where they recorded the hit version of Silver Machine. Six months on, this amazing, historic show is captured for posterity within a deluxe, celebratory box set which boasts audio and audio-visual versions of the entire performance. The set-list blends highlights from Hawkwinds last two acclaimed, Top 40 albums The Machine Stops and Into The Woods with classics from the bands past. Yes, it was really good fun playing back at The Roundhouse, explains Hawkwinds band leader Dave Brock. After not playing there since 1977 (when we had Motorhead support us), it brought back many fine memories for me. Great venue!! The show climaxed with guest guitarist Phil Wizzo Campbell (Motörhead, The Bastard Sons) joining the band for encore performances of Brainbox Pollution and Silver Machine, the hit version of which was recorded at the Roundhouse back in 1972. The concert is captured across two CDs and the event can also be enjoyed via a DVD, which reveals an amazing lightshow by John Moules.


  1. Name
  2. Ascent
  3. We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago
  4. The Watcher
  5. Born to Go
  6. First Landing
  7. You Better Believe It
  8. Earthbound
  9. Have You Seen Them
  10. Vegan Lunch
  11. Steppenwolf
  12. Darklands
  13. Magnu
  14. Golden Void
  15. Synchronized Blue
  16. Deep Cavern
  17. Into the Woods
  18. The Machine
  19. Welcome
  20. Brainbox Pollution
  21. Silver Machine
  22. Ascent
  23. We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago
  24. The Watcher
  25. Born to Go
  26. First Landing
  27. You Better Believe It
  28. Earthbound
  29. Have You Seen Them
  30. Vegan Lunch
  31. Steppenwolf
  32. Darklands
  33. Magnu
  34. Golden Void
  35. Synchronized Blue
  36. Deep Cavern
  37. Into the Woods
  38. The Machine
  39. Welcome
  40. Brainbox Pollution
  41. Silver Machine
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