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Get Carter (O.S.T.) (Deluxe Hardback Edition)

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Get Carter (O.S.T.) (Deluxe Hardback Edition)
Get Carter (O.S.T.) (Deluxe Hardback Edition)


Released in 1971, GET CARTER all but defined a new breed of gritty British gangster film, portraying career criminals in a more brutal yet three-dimensional fashion (a style later adopted to great effect by TV series The Sweeney). Directed by Mike Hodges and starring Michael Caine, the film has grown in stature over the years - fuelled in great part by the amazing soundtrack by British jazz maestro Roy Budd. From the opening bars of the 'Get Carter' theme, the music underpins the tense drama, endorsing an atmosphere which was both thoroughly British while also reflecting the more sophisticated urban landscapes portrayed in ground-breaking US films like The French Connection. While the 'Get Carter' theme was issued as a 7" on Pye Records (Roy Budd's label at the time), the original soundtrack LP was only released in Japan on the Odeon label at the time. As the film's legendary status grew, the soundtrack was finally gifted a UK release in 1998 on the Cinephile label and the theme was widely sampled and used for the likes of TV adverts. This new and improved edition of GET CARTER offers three CDs of music from Roy Budd the first two devoted to the film's soundtrack and the third to the best of Roy Budd's other scores. Disc 1 re-presents the original Japanese soundtrack, with the addition of 'Hallucinations' (which graced the soundtrack but not the LP). Disc 2 combines other incidental music from the film with single mixes and remixes and other rarities. And you can hear soundtrack highlights from the likes of Diamonds, Fear Is The Key, The Stone Killer and The Black Windmill on Disc 3. This triple-CD package is presented in a deluxe hardback book format with a huge booklet boasting a new, 15,000 essay from film soundtrack writer Charlie Brigden and a foreword from Paul Fishman, as well as numerous images from this most iconic of movies.


  1. Name
  2. Get Carter (Intro)
  3. Dialogue
  4. Carter Takes The Train (Main Title)
  5. Dialogue
  6. Lookin For Someone
  7. The Race Track (Dialogue)
  8. Somethin On My Mind
  9. Dialogue
  10. Gettin Nowhere In A Hurry
  11. Dialogue
  12. The Girl In The Car
  13. The Phone Call (Dialogue)
  14. Love Is A Four Letter Word
  15. Dialogue
  16. Living Should Be That Way
  17. Dialogue
  18. Manhunt
  19. Dialogue
  20. Goodbye Eric + Dialogue
  21. Dialogue
  22. Hallucinations
  23. Goodbye Carter!
  24. Get Carter (Alternative Mix
  25. Plaything
  26. Dialogue
  27. Hallucinations (Alternative Vocal Mix) *
  28. Dialogue
  29. Gettin Nowhere In A Hurry (Instrumental + Dialogue)
  30. Love Is A Four Letter Word (Alternative Mix) *
  31. Manhunt (Alternative Mix) *
  32. Dialogue
  33. Get Carter (Alternative Mix
  34. Gettin Nowhere In A Hurry (Alternative Vocal Mix) *
  35. Hallucinations (Instrumental Mix)
  36. How About You
  37. Get Carter (
  38. Get Carter (Dope On A Rope Us Remix)
  39. Get Carter (De Few
  40. Get Carter (Deadly Avenger Remix)
  41. Get Carter (Breakneck Dirtbox Remix)
  42. Mr Funker (M
  43. Way Out M
  44. No Doubt (Mc-M
  45. Diamond Fortress (From Diamonds)
  46. In The Shadows (From The Stone Killer)
  47. Jazz It Up (Mc-M
  48. Free Tarrant (From The Black Windmill)
  49. Cassette Jazz (From The Black Windmill)
  50. For All My Days (From Kidnapped)
  51. No Cooperation (From The Black Windmill)
  52. Teacher And Pupil (From Paper Tiger)
  53. Main Theme (From Fear Is The Key)
  54. Love At First Sight (Theme From The Warsaw Concerto) (From The Sea Wolves)
  55. How Can We Run Away (From Something To Hide)
  56. Cresta's Song (From Soldier Blue)
  57. Theme From Aunt Harriet
  58. The Carey Treatment (From The Carey Treatment)
  59. Versailles Exit
  60. Who Needs Love Anyway
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