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Electrical Language ~ Independent British Synth Pop: 78-84 (4CD)

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Electrical Language ~  Independent British Synth Pop: 78-84 (4CD)
Electrical Language ~  Independent British Synth Pop: 78-84 (4CD)


.4CD / 80 track set exploring the independent side of the UK's post-punk synth-pop boom..From household names and scene legends to underground outsiders and bedroom experimenters..Hardback book format includes over 12,000 words of sleevenotes (including artist-written pieces), introductory essay by Dave Henderson and period imagery..Key tracks and hidden gems from Mute Records, Rough Trade, 4AD, Survival Records, Cherry Red and a host of essential independent players. .Produced by the team behind the critically acclaimed 'Close To The Noise Floor' series and a number of other essential box sets.The year - 1978. The mood - revolution. The latest addition to the musician's sound palette - the synthesiser. And so a new sound was born, and one which would free pop music from its guitar dominated tradition into something with a bright new future which would write itself. Almost overnight, via a handful of key single releases, the big bang of punk produced something the kids called 'synth-pop'. The clue was very much in the name.A broad church from the outset, this synth-pop movement wasted no time in embracing players from all corners of the musical dressing up box. From guitar groups drafting in a keyboard playing friend and the progressive rockers using their expensive banks of electronics in new ways to the modernists and the Thatcherists, full of unabashed aspiration, and the punks - arguably the purest punks of them all - who discarded the guitar and the drum kit overnight in their pursuit of something fresh that their generation could truly call their own. All were welcome, and all contributed to the many different directions synth-pop would mutate in over the coming five or six years. 'Electrical Language' captures this time and place in microscopic detail. The uptempo would-be hits with suburban nightclub aspirations, the science and technology enthralled proto-techno workouts and the otherworldy experiments are all here, sitting comfortably amongst each other in some cases, jostling for position as the bestvtrack of the genre/era.


  1. Name
  2. Windpower - Thomas Dolby
  3. Science Fiction - Alan Burnham
  4. Warm Leatherette - The Normal
  5. Stay With Me Tonight - Alex Fergusson
  6. Tarantula - Colourbox
  7. Fantasy - 100% Manmade Fibre
  8. Bandwagon Tango - Testcard F
  9. Electrical Language - Be-Bop Deluxe
  10. The World - Dalek I
  11. Honour Among Thieves - Chain Of Command
  12. Red Frame/White Light - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
  13. Red Castles - The Legendary Pink Dots
  14. Lifes Illusion - Ice The Falling Rain
  15. The Human Factor - - Music For Pleasure
  16. She's An Image - Poeme Electronique
  17. Iââ¢m Thinking Of You Now - Box Of Toys
  18. The Planet Doesn't Mind - New Musik
  19. Hope Deep Inside - Schleimer K
  20. The Distance From KÃâ€ln - Native Europe
  21. Technical Miracle - Voice Of Authority
  22. Circus Of Death - The Human League
  23. Xoyo - The Passage
  24. Crowds - A Popular History Of Signs
  25. October (Love Song) - Chris And Cosey
  26. Feel So Young - Laugh Clown Laugh
  27. Croatia - Basking Sharks
  28. Mr Nobody - Thomas Leer
  29. Ricky's Hand - Fad Gadget
  30. Hypnotic Rhythm - Local Boy Makes Good
  31. Drowning In Berlin - The Mobiles
  32. Even Now - Edward Ka-Spel
  33. Lying Next To You - Passion Polka
  34. Rabies - Naked Lunch
  35. Do It - The Limit
  36. Work Song - Robert Calvert
  37. Baby Won't Phone - Quadrascope
  38. It Happened Then - Electronic Ensemble
  39. In The Morning - Jeanette
  40. Nightlife - Those Attractive Magnets
  41. My Coo Ca Choo - Beasts In Cages
  42. Your Love Is Like A Slug - The Bodhi-Beat Poets
  43. Veil Like Calm - Eyeless In Gaza
  44. Destitution - Camera Obscura
  45. Good Times - Drinking Electricity
  46. Happy Families - Zoo Boutique
  47. Feels Like Winter Again - Fiat Lux
  48. Falling Downstairs - Colin Potter
  49. Our Little Girl - David Harrow
  50. It Never Rains In Outer Space - Futurhythm
  51. Zennor - Goat
  52. Videomatic - Final Program
  53. Taddy Up - Pink Industry
  54. You Don't Look The Same - Play
  55. Children Of The Revolution - The Fast Set
  56. Trace Of Red - Two
  57. Lying Here - Shox
  58. Daytime Assassins - The Builders
  59. Beating Heart (12" Version) - Section 25
  60. Absent Friends - Joe Crow
  61. Jamaica Day - Faction
  62. Generator (Laserbeam) - Tim Blake
  63. Touch - Lori And The Chameleons
  64. The Secret Affair - Jupiter Red
  65. I'm Your Man - Blue Zoo
  66. Even Roses Have Thorns - Jesus Couldn't Drum
  67. Paint It Black - Techno Pop
  68. Chase The Dragon - Kevin Harrison
  69. Other Passengers - Thirteen At Midnight
  70. Your Voice - Freeze Frame
  71. Stay With You - Time In Motion
  72. Live Wires Kill - The Toy Shop
  73. Surface Tension - Analysis
  74. Time - Paul Haig
  75. Contemplation - Solid Space
  76. Committed To Vinyl - Martin O'cuthbert
  77. Look Don't Touch - Science
  78. The Wishing Tree (Megatree Mix) - Charlieââ¢s Brother
  79. Working Model - The Quarks
  80. There's Someone Following Me - Eddie & Sunshine
  81. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - Hybrid Kids
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