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Puppet Life ~ The Complete Recordings: 5CD Clamshell Boxset

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Puppet Life ~ The Complete Recordings: 5CD Clamshell Boxset
Puppet Life ~ The Complete Recordings: 5CD Clamshell Boxset


  • Definitive, career-spanning five-CD box set from influential Geordie post-punk band who still play shows to this day.


  • Formed by fusing the energy of punk with the artistic values of musical theatre, Punishment Of Luxury were born in Gateshead, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne at the end of 1976. Their acclaimed debut single, ‘Puppet Life’, was issued on leading indie label Small Wonder in 1978, prompting a deal with United Artists for debut album The Laughing Academy (1979) and several singles.


  • After being dropped by UA, Punishment Of Luxury (sometimes known as Punilux) continued to tour, selling copies of their aborted second album Revolution By Numbers (sold as Gigantic Days in 1981 by mail-order). In due course, the band signed to independent label Red Rhino, recording a mini-album 7 and spin-off single ‘Hold Me (Never Mould Me)’ in 1983. Thereafter, singer/guitarist Neville Atkinson (as Nevilluxury) issued a solo album for Red Rhino entitled Feels Like Dancing Wartime (1984).


  • The band occasionally reconvened to make records (namely, 1989’s Hi Alien and 2011’s mini-LP 5) and have played intermittent live shows. Meanwhile, their influence was obvious – just compare their debut single ‘Puppet Life’ with ‘Take Me Out’ by Franz Ferdinand for evidence or even ‘Excess Bleeding Heart’ from Laughing Academy with ‘Babylon’s Burning’ by The Ruts.


  • Coordinated with help from Neville Atkinson, Puppet Life offers the complete recorded output of Punilux down the years. All their tracks for Small Wonder, United Artists and Red Rhino are joined by a previously unissued John Peel session from 1978, a whole disc’s worth of hitherto unheard live material - including excerpts from a planned live album at the Nashville, a previously unissued Red Rhino track slated as a single and more. Neville has also contributed unique sleeve-notes and visuals for the booklet.


  1. Name
  2. Puppet Life
  3. The Demon
  4. Puppet Life
  5. Funk Me
  6. The Message
  7. All White Jack
  8. Obsession
  9. Radar Bug/Metropolis
  10. British Baboon
  11. Babalon
  12. Excess Bleeding Heart
  13. Laughing Academy
  14. Engine Of Excess
  15. Jellyfish
  16. Secrets
  17. Brain Bomb
  18. Baby Dont Jump
  19. Plants And Insects
  20. Fascicult Barbaraclique
  21. Empire Of Idiots
  22. No Admittance
  23. Blood Money
  24. Death And Boogie
  25. Auschwitz
  26. Love Decay(Ed)
  27. All Change
  28. Destiny
  29. Damaging Man
  30. Why Dont You
  31. Snowqueen
  32. You Eat Too Much
  33. Revolution By Numbers
  34. My Wifes In Love With A Polar Bear
  35. Double Agent
  36. Lets Get Married
  37. Youre So Beautiful
  38. Babalon
  39. Funk Me
  40. Funghi
  41. The Bird And The Elephant
  42. Fairiation
  43. Gasman
  44. Revelations
  45. Golden Corsets
  46. Tria-Dance
  47. Hold Me (Never Mould Me)
  48. Doubting Thomas (Previously Unissued Single)
  49. The Dragon
  50. Feels Like Dancing Wartime
  51. Eyes
  52. Motivator
  53. Welcome
  54. The Prisoner
  55. Rock Out The Box
  56. Alien Contact
  57. Party Goblins
  58. Killer Rift
  59. Bullshitelero
  60. Do The Alien
  61. Wise Guy
  62. Mamonanimal
  63. Fracture
  64. I Rang Yvonne
  65. Mr Dinosaur
  66. Cry
  67. All White Jack
  68. Obsession
  69. Radar Bug
  70. British Baboon
  71. Laughing Academy
  72. Babalon
  73. Puppet Life
  74. Excess Bleeding Heart
  75. My Wifes In Love With A Polar Bear
  76. Engine Of Excess
  77. Obsession
  78. Funk Me
  79. Baby Dont Jump
  80. Garden
  81. Brain Bomb
  82. Lets Get Married
  83. Youre So Beautiful
  84. Puppet Life
  85. The Demon
  86. Radar Bug
  87. Metropolis
  88. Jellyfish
  89. Brain Bomb
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