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1982: 6CD Boxset

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Box Set
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1982: 6CD Boxset
1982: 6CD Boxset


  • 1982 was a decisive year for The Fall. Their critically acclaimed album “Hex Enduction Hour” was released in March on Kamera Records, closely followed by “Room To Live” in September.


  • This six-disc boxset brings together those two classic albums alongside a host of John Peel sessions, Kamera singles, live performances and the group’s live album “In A Hole”, recorded during their tour of New Zealand and originally released on Flying Nun Records.



  • Founded by its only constant member, Mark E. Smith, The Fall formed in Manchester in 1976 and were one of the most prominent post-punk groups in the world. Musically, there may have been several stylistic changes over the years, but it was often characterised by an abrasive guitar-driven sound and frequent use of repetition, always underpinned by Smith's distinctive vocals and often cryptic lyrics.


      “They are always different; they are always the same.”  John Peel


  • “Hex Enduction Hour” was the fourth studio album by The Fall, building on their lo-fi production and featuring a two-drummer line-up. The album was recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland and Hitchin, Hertfordshire.


  • “Room To Live” is the fifth studio album by The Fall and was Marc Riley’s last album with the group.


  • “In A Hole” was recorded at the last show of the group’s 1982 tour of Australia and New Zealand, at Mainstreet Cabaret in Auckland.


  • Featuring the classic line-up of Mark E. Smith alongside Steve Hanley (bass), Craig Scanlon (guitar), Karl Burns (drums), Paul Hanley (drums) and Marc Riley (guitar).


  • This is third release in Cherry Red’s series of deluxe Fall reissues – “Fall Sound Archive”


  • The music comes housed in a rigid board slipcase and also features a 4,000-word essay by Daryl Easlea. It has been remastered by long-term Fall engineer Andy Pearce.


  • “Hex Enduction Hour” and “Room To Live” are also available as limit


  1. Name
  2. The Classical
  3. Jawbone And The Air-Rifle
  4. Hip Priest
  5. Fortress / Deer Park
  6. Mere Pseud Mag. Ed.
  7. Winter (Hostel-Maxi)
  8. Winter 2
  9. Just Step S'ways
  10. Who Makes The Nazis?
  11. Iceland
  12. And This Day
  13. Joker Hysterical Face 
  14. Marquis Cha-Cha 
  15. Hard Life In Country 
  16. Room To Live 
  17. Detective Instinct 
  18. Solicitor In Studio 
  19. Papal Visit 
  20. Joker Hysterical Face (BURY 27/04/82)
  21. Town Called Crappy / Solicitor In Studio (LONDON 25/03/82)
  22. Hard Life In Country (WELLINGTON 19/08/82)
  23. Detective Instinct (MANCHESTER 22/12/82)
  24. Room To Live (ROTTERDAM 12/02/83)
  25. Words Of Expectation (TORONTO 21/04/83)
  26. Deer Park (John Peel Session 15/09/1981)
  27. Look Know (John Peel Session 15/09/1981)
  28. Winter (John Peel Session 15/09/1981)
  29. Who Makes The Nazis? (John Peel Session 15/09/1981)
  30. Look Know (Kamera Single April 82)
  31. I'm Into C.B. (Kamera Single April 82)
  32. Session Musician (Bierkeller, Leeds 05/11/1981)
  33. Jazzed Up Punk Shit (666 Club, Manchester 15/05/1982)
  34. I'm Into C.B. (Stars On 45 Version) (Fagins, Manchester 30/09/1981)
  35. And This Day (Mainstreet, Auckland, Nz Soundcheck 20/08/1982)
  36. Deer Park (Mainstreet, Auckland, Nz Soundcheck 20/08/1982)
  37. And This Day (Revisited) (Astoria 2, London 26/02/1987)
  38. Impression Of J. Temperance 
  39. The Man Whose Head Expanded 
  40. Room To Live
  41. Hip Priest 
  42. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 
  43. Prole Art Threat 
  44. Hard Life In Country 
  45. The Classical 
  46. Mere Pseud Mag Ed 
  47. Marquis Cha-Cha 
  48. Backdrop 
  49. Fantastic Life 
  50. English Scheme
  51. Joker Hysterical Face 
  52. No Xmas For John Quays
  53. Solicitor In Studio
  54. The Container Drivers 
  55. C'n'c-Black Night 
  56. Look, Know 
  57. Who Makes The Nazis?
  58. Gramme Friday 
  59. Slags, Slates Etc 
  60. I Feel Voxish 
  61. Hard Life In Country 
  62. I'm Into C.B. 
  63. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 
  64. Solicitor In Studio
  65. Tempo House 
  66. The Classical
  67. Marquis Cha-Cha 
  68. Room To Live
  69. Hexen Strife
  70. Knot Deer Park
  71. Totally Wired
  72. Joker Hysterical Face
  73. Hip Priest
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