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I'm A Freak Baby...

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I'm A Freak Baby...
I'm A Freak Baby...


Although vintage British psychedelia is viewed by many these days as an Alice In Wonderland-style enchanted garden full of beatific flower children innocently gathering flowers or chasing butterflies, there was always a more visceral element to the scene. Pointedly free of such fripperies as scarlet tunic-wearing gnomes, phenomenal cats and talismanic bicycles, the power trio format that was popularised by the likes of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience spawned a host of imitators. Across three discs and four hours of music, I'm A Freak, Baby investigates that largely under-documented period, incorporating everything from some of the biggest names in the burgeoning hard rock/proto-metal firmament all the way down to a significant number of provincial semi-pro bands who gigged extensively but were unable to land a recording contract during their lifetime. We feature some of British rock's pioneering acts (The Yardbirds, The Move), a handful of bands who travelled far beyond their blues boom roots (Fleetwood Mac, Chicken Shack, The Groundhogs), the infamous Ladbroke Grove scene (The Deviants, The Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, The Edgar Broughton Band), a smattering of inspired, where-the-hell-did-that-come-from one-shots like The Velvet Frogs and the mighty Egor, and a clutch of previously-unreleased recordings (The Kult, Hellmet, The Phoenix).


  1. Name
  2. All in Your Mind - STRAY
  3. Cast a Spell - THE OPEN MIND
  4. Hot Smoke and Sassafras - THE MOOCHE
  5. My Son's Alive - CRUSHED BUTLER
  6. Going Down - CHICKEN SHACK
  7. Father of Time - CYCLE
  8. I'm Coming Home - THE DEVIANTS
  10. Time Machine - FACTORY
  11. Cherry Red - THE GROUNDHOGS
  12. I'm a Freak - WICKED LADY
  13. Rock My Soul - CHARGE
  14. Sweet Mistress of Pain - HAWKWIND ZOO
  15. Nightmare - STONEHOUSE
  16. Falling - THE IRON MAIDEN
  17. Apocalypse - BARNNABUS
  18. Bogeyman - WRITING ON THE WALL
  19. Fireball - DEEP PURPLE
  20. Primitive Man - JERUSALEM
  21. Love in the Rain - EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND
  22. Trust - HELLMET
  23. Rhubarb - SECOND HAND
  24. Dream - LITTLE FREE ROCK
  25. Skullcrusher - IRON CLAW
  26. Zero Time - DARK
  27. Jehovah - THE VELVET FROGS
  28. Brontasaurus - THE MOVE
  29. Bring It to Jerome - STACK WADDY
  30. Mr Make Believe - SAMUEL PRODY
  31. Flash - BARE SOLE
  32. Street Walking Woman - THE PHOENIX
  33. I'm Never Gonna Let You - SKID ROW
  34. Race With the Devil - THE GUN
  35. Heart Without a Home - BLONDE ON BLONDE
  36. Ascension Day - THIRD WORLD WAR
  37. Street - EGOR
  38. Escalator - SAM GOPAL
  39. Gypsy - URIAH HEEP
  40. Garden of My Mind - THE MICKEY FINN
  41. Think About It - THE YARBIRDS
  42. Trying to Find My Way Back Home - MORNING AFTER
  43. Yellow Cave Woman - VELVETT FOGG
  44. Too Old - ANDROMEDA
  45. The Green Manalishi (With a Two Prong Crown) - FLEETWOOD MAC
  46. Twisted Trip Woman - SWEET SLAG
  47. Occult - THE KULT
  48. Born on the Wrong Side of Time - THE TASTE
  49. Hollis Brown - FUSION FARM
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