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Try A Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969

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Try A Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969
Try A Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds Of 1969


1967 was undoubtedly the high-water mark of the era, but the psychedelic genre's influence lingered for some while afterwards. Nevertheless, there were significant changes during that period, and by the end of the decade the British music scene had largely polarised into two distinct camps: the influence of the counterculture saw the burgeoning college/university circuit grow as "serious" pop evolved into rock, while the more exploitative, commercial element of the industry reacted to the success of manufactured bands like The Monkees to instigate a sub-genre dismissively dubbed bubblegum. That dichotomy saw the British pop and rock scene exhibit a strong element of musical schizophrenia, as can be heard on Try A Little Sunshine: The British Psychedelic Sounds of 1969, the latest instalment in Grapefruit's acclaimed late Sixties series. A significant number of great, heavily lysergic records were still appearing (if psychedelia was dead, clearly nobody had told the likes of The Factory, Fleur de Lys or Jason Crest), but the musical template did mutate. The Attack's chunky mod-pop vignettes gave way to Andromeda's power trio riffing, Status Quo moved from day-glo popsike to a looser, bluesier approach, The Pretty Things reluctantly left behind their neglected masterpiece S. F. Sorrow to explore more introverted territory, Grapefruit traded their gossamer-light harmony pop template for a relatively stripped-down sound, and Colin Giffin eschewed The End's psychedelic dreamscapes to dabble in post-'Eleanor Rigby' baroque pop. In addition to such cornerstone creations, our overview ranges from ultra-commercial (but still unsuccessful) bubblegum-flecked singles by the likes of Pure Gold, Balloon Busters and Strawberry Jam to the arrival of prog-rock underground groups such as Woody Kern, Pussy and the righteously-obscure Irish band Taxi. We also feature some of the more pop-oriented folkies/singer-songwriters, including Ralph McTell's attempt at a summer pop hit single.


  1. Name
  2. Try A Little Sunshine
  3. Reputation
  4. Little Boy
  5. Letters From Edith
  6. Roundabout
  7. Sister
  8. Brother Thrush
  9. (Vision In A) Plaster Sky
  10. The Day The Train Never Came
  11. Lifetime
  12. This Is To A Girl
  13. River Boat Queen
  14. Captain Reale
  15. A Salty Dog
  16. Green Mello Hill
  17. The Walrus And The Carpenter
  18. This Time Tomorrow
  19. Shine A Little Light Into My Room
  20. Stay Indoors
  21. Running Wild
  22. Dogs And Cats
  23. We Built The Sun
  24. Baby And Me
  25. Being Human Being (Alternative Version)
  26. Child On A Crossing
  27. Dr Crippenâ€s Waiting Room
  28. Liar
  29. Seen Through A Light
  30. Itâ€s Only Love
  31. Deep Water
  32. Stop
  33. Marrakesh
  34. Flaxen Hair
  35. Changes In Our Time
  36. Creeping Jean
  37. Who Wants Happiness
  38. She Said, She Said
  39. Only George
  40. Summer Come Along
  41. It Happened Two Sundays Ago
  42. Doubtful Nellie
  43. Mindless Child Of Motherhood
  44. Biography
  45. Alcock And Brown
  46. Magic Car
  47. How Does It Feel
  48. No Reason
  49. Morning Way
  50. Black Mass
  51. Last Cloud Home
  52. (Who Planted Thorns In) Miss Aliceâ€s Garden
  53. Just What I Was Looking For Today
  54. The Price Of Love
  55. This Little Boy
  56. Death Of A Dream Machine
  57. Day Of The Change
  58. Mr Rainbow
  59. You Might Even Say
  60. Cry Baby Cry
  61. Saturday Roundabout Sunday
  62. We Want You To Stay (Demo Version)
  63. What A Groovy Day
  64. Mr Beverlyâ€s Heavy Days
  65. Little Bird
  66. Tamaris Khan
  67. The School Boy
  68. Looking Towards The Sky
  69. Fairground
  70. Petrol Pump Assistant
  71. Good Old â€59 (We Are Slowly Gettin†Older)
  72. Counting Time My Way
  73. Burning The Weed
  74. Armageddon
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