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Before My Eyes Go Blind: The Complete Recordings

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Before My Eyes Go Blind: The Complete Recordings
Before My Eyes Go Blind: The Complete Recordings


Emerging from the ashes of Southend-based late Sixties psych-pop crew Cardboard Orchestra, heavy rock band Zior were one of the first acts to attach themselves at the turn of the decade to the occult-themed heavy rock element of the British underground scene. Although Zior never really threatened to replicate the commercial success of brand leaders Black Sabbath, their live shows were hugely theatrical events involving mock-sacrifices, staged fights and diabolic costumes and masks that terrified their young audiences and apparently freaked out other bands as well! They also left behind three albums that have been wildly collectable for many years. Featuring such essential tracks as 'Your Life Will Burn' and 'Before My Eyes Go Blind', their self-titled debut set "Zior" was issued in 1971 by the Nepentha label in a highly atmospheric gatefold sleeve design by the legendary Keef. A year or so later, Nepentha boss Larry Page put out the German-only release "Every Inch A Man", an equally thrilling collection that contained such archetypically demonic Zior creations as 'Have You Heard The Wind Speak' and 'Entrance Of The Devil', the latter an integral part of the band's stage show. Sandwiched between those two albums, Zior also pseudonymously recorded the LP "The First Monument", which was promoted as the work of members of a witches' coven in downtown Essex. Titles like 'Dog Man', 'Stale Flesh' and 'First Taste Of Love' ensured that the band had no difficulty in living down to the record company's lurid, sensationalist claims. All three albums, plus Zior's 2018 reunion album 'Spirit Of The Gods', are now collected for the first time on Before My Eyes Go Blind, a 4-CD set that's presented in a clamshell box with replica album sleeve wallets, a lengthy new essay on the band and a number of evocative, previously unpublished photos.


  1. Name
  2. I Really Do
  3. Za Za Za Zilda
  4. Loves Desire
  5. New Land
  6. Now Im Sad
  7. Give Me Love
  8. Quabala
  9. Oh Mariya
  10. Your Life Will Burn
  11. I Was Fooling
  12. Before My Eyes Go Blind
  13. Rolling Thunder
  14. Shes A Bad, Bad Woman
  15. Entrance Of The Devil
  16. The Chicago Spine
  17. Have You Heard The Wind Speak
  18. Time Is The Reason
  19. Shell Take You Down
  20. Dudi Judy
  21. Strange Kind Of Magic
  22. Ride Me Baby
  23. Evolution
  24. Every Inch A Man
  25. Cats Eyes
  26. Suspended Animation
  27. Angel Of The Highway
  28. Dog Man
  29. Stale Flesh
  30. Dont Run Me Down
  31. Give Me Life
  32. The Metamorphis Tango
  33. Boneyard Bumne
  34. First Taste Of Love
  35. And She Goes
  36. Overture For Limp Piano In C
  37. Im Coming Back
  38. Welcome To My World Of Darkness
  39. The Wicca Maker
  40. Crowman Rises
  41. Demon Woman
  42. Vampire Night
  43. Earth Hell & Fire
  44. The Spirit Of India
  45. Release The Dogs
  46. Eastwood Bugsy
  47. Sabbat 8
  48. Scorpion
  49. Storm Chaser
  50. Entry Of The Devil Voices
  51. Rue Chanoinesse
  52. Data Bizarre
  53. Inner Mind Vision (1971)
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