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Across The Great Divide: Getting It Together In The Country (1968-1974) (3CD)

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Across The Great Divide: Getting It Together In The Country (1968-1974) (3CD)
Across The Great Divide: Getting It Together In The Country (1968-1974) (3CD)


  • At the height of psychedelia and the worldwide Summer of Love, Traffic retreated from the bright lights of the city and the music industry hurly-burly to get their act together in the wilds of rural Berkshire – where, away from the outside world, they worked on an organic fusion of jazz, folk, pop and R&B elements that would herald a game-changing new maturity in British rock.


  • Over the next twelve months or so, Traffic’s symbiosis of bucolic living and naturalistic music would be mirrored by events of the other side of the Atlantic: The Band’s rootsy country/soul/R&B stew, The Byrds’ move into country-rock and Crosby Stills & Nash’s intricate harmonies and acoustic-led instrumentation would all strike a chord with British rock bands and the burgeoning hippie scene in general.


  • Traffic’s concept of getting it together in the country, together with the nascent West Coast sound and the first real stirrings of what would subsequently become known as Americana, had a seismic effect. Numerous bands – Brinsley Schwarz, Bronco, Heron etc - began to live communally, retiring to remote farmhouses and country cottages to write, rehearse and even record in splendid isolation.


  • The peacock plumage and acid-in-wonderland lyrics of psychedelia were rejected. Instead, The Band’s down-home appearance and tales of old-time rural America were adopted wholesale.  Polite, middle-class young men raised in quiet suburban towns on a diet of Marmite, The Dandy and early closing on Wednesdays suddenly assumed the appearance of weather-beaten, late 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush prospectors.  The Aquarian Age was slowly turning into the Agrarian Age.


  • Across The Great Divide: Getting It Together In The Country is the first compilation to shine a light on this curiously neglected stitch in the constantly-evolving British rock tapestry of the late Sixties/early Seventies. Joining huge names like Rod Stewart, Traffic and Fairport Convention are cult underground acts, mainstream Sixties pop groups updating their sound, a post-Dylan wave of back-to-the-land singer/songwriters and a clutch of righteously obscure rural rockers whose music failed to find an outlet at the time.   


  • Over three 3CDs and four hours of music (including several tracks that have never previously been issued), and housed in a clamshell box containing a 44-page booklet, Across The Great Divide assiduously charts the fascinating period when a posse of British musicians bravely attempted to build Cripple Creek in perfidious....


  1. Name
  2. Warming Up The Band - Heads Hands & Feet
  3. Cajun Woman - Fairport Convention
  4. Home Is Where I Want To Be - Mott The Hoople
  5. Devils Whisper - Mighty Baby
  6. Desert Island Woman - Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers
  7. Willowing Trees - Shape Of The Rain
  8. Abbot Of The Vale - Tony Hazzard
  9. Louisiana Man - The Hollies
  10. Fading - Mason
  11. Sleep Song - Unicorn
  12. Boy, Youve Got The Sun In Your Eyes - Open Road
  13. Cousin Norman - The Marmalade
  14. Clifftop - Richmond
  15. Lady Came Fro The South - Starry Eyed And Laughing
  16. Oil Fumes And Sea Air - Stray
  17. Red Man - Rare Bird
  18. The Pie - The Sutherland Brothers Band
  19. Touch Her If You Can - Matthews Southern Comfort
  20. Empty Street, Empty Heart - Quicksand
  21. Ooh La La - Faces
  22. Country Girl - Brinsley Schwarz
  23. When Im Dead And Gone - McGuinness Flint
  24. Forty Thousand Headmen - Traffic
  25. New Day Avenue - Bronco
  26. Try Again - Tranquility
  27. Velvet Mountain - Cochise
  28. A Souvenir Of London - Procol Harum
  29. Cinnamon Girl - The Deep Set
  30. Day The World Ran Away - Stephen Jameson
  31. Ill Just Take My Time - Byzantium
  32. Its A Way To Pass The Time - High Broom
  33. Going To The Country - Holy Mackerel
  34. Liquor Man - Montage
  35. Jesus Is Just Alright - Shelagh McDonald
  36. We Both Need To Know - Grannys Intentions
  37. Bye And Bye - Heron
  38. Country Dan And City Lil - Timebox
  39. And A Button - The Searchers
  40. Take Me To The Pilot - The Orange Bicycle
  41. The Jailer - Natural Gas
  42. So Nice - Curtiss Maldoon
  43. Million Times Before - Jawbone
  44. Open The Door - Carolanne Pegg
  45. Country Comfort - Rod Stewart
  46. Home For Frozen Roses - Northwind
  47. Nice - Bridget St. John
  48. Country Road - The Pretty Things
  49. Home Grown - Andy Roberts
  50. Sheriff Myras Lincoln - Edwards Hand
  51. Circle Round The Sun - Marian Segal
  52. Pretty Haired Girl - The Parlour Band
  53. Hello Buddy - The Tremeloes
  54. Tallawaya - Greasy Bear
  55. My Name Is Jesus Smith - Man
  56. Metropolis - Keith Christmas
  57. Country Heir (Single Edit) - Deep Feeling
  58. Johnson Boy - Prelude
  59. Cottage Made For Two - Paul Bretts Sage
  60. See How They Run - Dave Cousins & Dave Lambert
  61. Clear Blue Sky - Mother Nature
  62. Dancing Flower - Idle Race
  63. Wheel Of Fortune - The Illusions
  64. My Little One - Gordon, Ellis & Steel
  65. Ill Fly Away (Demo Version) - Plainsong
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