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At A Point Between Fate And Destiny: The Complete Recordings (Clamshell Boxset) (6CD)

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At A Point Between Fate And Destiny: The Complete Recordings (Clamshell Boxset) (6CD)
At A Point Between Fate And Destiny: The Complete Recordings (Clamshell Boxset) (6CD)


  • One minute The Action were the ultimate mod cult band, belting out exuberant Anglicised approximations of Tamla/soul material in clubs across the country, the next they’d shed singer Reggie King and mutated into questing countercultural adventurers Mighty Baby.


  • Under the leadership of guitarist Martin Stone, they would become increasingly insular as four of the five band members converted to Islam and they moved slowly towards a more improvised sound. By the end of 1971, fasting for Ramadan had left them almost too weak to perform onstage, at which juncture they came to the reluctant conclusion that rock’n’roll and the Muslim faith were incompatible.


  • Over the previous three years, however, they made some magical, mystical music that is now collected under one roof for the first time. The band-authorised 6-CD set At A Point Between Fate And Destiny features all surviving recordings, with much-loved studio albums “Mighty Baby” and “A Jug Of Love” joined by rehearsal sessions, a complete and previously unissued alternative version of the first album, audio from the band’s only TV appearance and other studio outtakes.


  • The set also features three hours of 1971 live material, with a ninety-minute chunk of their legendary appearance at Glastonbury that includes previously unreleased versions of Mighty Baby favourites ‘Virgin Spring’, ‘Goin’ Down To Mongoli’, ‘Woe Is Me’, ‘Devil’s Whisper’ and, most thrillingly of all, the hitherto-presumed-lost full 36 minute version of ‘A Blanket In My Muesli’.


  • Featuring a host of rare photos and memorabilia as well as a new 12000 word essay that covers the band’s unique journey from mod to odd with the aid of extracts from key member Ian Whiteman’s fascinating unpublished autobiography The Average Whiteman, At A Point Between Fate And Destiny is self-evidently the definitive word on a group who occupied their own peculiar time and space in the late Sixties/early Seventies underground rock firmament, blowing more than a few minds in the process.


  1. Name
  2. Egyptian Tomb
  3. A Friend You Know But Never See
  4. Ive Been Down So Long
  5. Same Way From The Sun
  6. House Without Windows
  7. Trials Of A City
  8. Im From The Country
  9. At A Point Between Fate And Destiny
  10. Ive Been Down So Long
  11. Trials Of A City
  12. House Without Windows
  13. A Friend You Know But Never See
  14. Messages
  15. Ancient Traveller
  16. Same Way From The Sun
  17. Jug Of Love
  18. The Happiest Man In The Carnival
  19. Keep On Juggin
  20. Virgin Spring
  21. Tasting The Life
  22. Slipstreams
  23. Devils Whisper
  24. Virgin Spring (Alternative Version)
  25. Only Dreaming
  26. Dustbin Full Of Rubbish
  27. An Understanding Love
  28. My Favourite Day
  29. A Saying For Today
  30. Jug Of Love
  31. The Happiest Man In The Carnival I
  32. The Happest Man In The Carnival II
  33. Virgin Spring I
  34. Virgin Spring II
  35. Tasting The Life
  36. Lazy Days
  37. Christmas Jam
  38. Egyptian Tomb (Single, Mono)
  39. Im From The Country (Single, Mono)
  40. Winter Passes
  41. Now You Dont (Part 1)
  42. Now You Dont (Part 2)
  43. Now You Dont (Part 3)
  44. Now You Dont (Part 4)
  45. Juggin
  46. Now You See It
  47. Stone Unhenged
  48. Sweet Mandarin
  49. Egyptian Tomb
  50. Trials Of A City
  51. Keep On Juggin
  52. Woe Is Me
  53. India
  54. Goin Down To Mongoli
  55. Keep On Juggin
  56. Virgin Spring
  57. Goin Down To Mongoli
  58. Woe Is Me
  59. Lazy Days
  60. A Blanket In My Muesli (Aka India) - Full Version
  61. Devil's Whisper
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