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Sumer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish Folk 1966-1975 (Clamshell Boxset) (3CD)

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Sumer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish Folk 1966-1975 (Clamshell Boxset) (3CD)
Sumer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British & Irish Folk 1966-1975 (Clamshell Boxset) (3CD)


  • Released in 2015, Grapefruit’s 3-CD multi-artist British underground folk compilation Dust On The Nettles was widely praised, with a five-star review in The Times hailing it as “a delight from beginning to end”.
  • A long-overdue follow up to that set, Sumer Is Icumen In tightens the mesh by focusing on the point when traditional folksong and the burgeoning late Sixties counterculture collided, largely courtesy of seminal acts like the Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention and Pentangle.
  • As Steeleye Span’s Martin Carthy commented at the time, the scene had a strong pagan feel, dark and elemental, and progressive folk bands like Dr. Strangely Strange, Comus and Third Ear Band (who performed with the druids in dawn solstice ceremonies at Glastonbury Tor) were active at the same time as folklorists like Mr. Fox pair Bob & Carole Pegg and fellow husband-and-wife team Dave & Toni Arthur, whose commitment to the cause saw them dancing naked at a coven led by ‘King of the Witches’, the notorious Alex Sanders.
  • Showcasing all of the above names as well as a supporting cast that ranges from Mike Oldfield and Marc Bolan to unsigned bands who recorded demos in a barn, Sumer Is Icumen In features four hours of Albion hymns ancient and modern, including three previously unreleased cuts. “Housed in a stylish clamshell box, it includes a 40-page bookletwith track-by-track annotation, numerous band quotes and some very rare photos.
  • The result is a secret glade in a darkly pagan woodland that’s peppered with invocations of corn gods, wicker men, bright Phoebus and other non-Christian deities; magickal tales of daemons, sorcerers, false knights and faerie queens; the medieval England myths, legends and traditions of the May Queen, John Barleycorn and the Green Man; paeans to the natural world and the rhythm of the passing seasons; fables of sanctuary stones, scarecrows and buried villages alongside dread stories of purgatory, sacrifice, rape, bestiality and murder.


  1. Name
  2. Lark Rise Third Ear Band
  3. Corn Rigs - Magnet
  4. John Barleycorn - Traffic
  5. Sanctuary Stone - Midwinter
  6. The Keys Of Canterbury Vulcans Hammer
  7. The Wood-Gathering Man The Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band
  8. Twa Corbies Steeleye Span
  9. Lovely Joan Folkal Point
  10. Canon Dale (Alternative Version) - The Strawbs
  11. White Horse Kevin Coyne
  12. Yorric Meic Stevens
  13. Lyke-Wake Dirge The Young Tradition
  14. Swan In The Evening - Amber
  15. Minerva - Synanthesia
  16. The Parting Glass The Minor Birds
  17. Virgin Childe - Parameter
  18. The Sapphire Carolanne Pegg
  19. Cabin On The Clifftop Dry Heart
  20. Winter Passes Mighty Baby
  21. On Horseback Mike Oldfield
  22. Tam Lin Fairport Convention
  23. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme - Gallery
  24. False Knight On The Road Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
  25. The Scarecrow (Demo Version) Lal Waterson
  26. Silver Man - Chimera
  27. The White Hare Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band
  28. Mad Tom Of Bedlam Horden Raikes
  29. The Song Of The Healer The Sallyangie
  30. Lizard-Long-Tongue-Boy (Alternative Version) Bridget St. John
  31. Strings In The Earth And Air - Dr. Strangely Strange
  32. Sorcerers Jan Dukes De Grey
  33. Green Grass Dave & Toni Arthur
  34. Wheres Your Master Gone? Simon Finn
  35. Nottamun Town - Oberon
  36. The House Carpenter Fresh Maggots*
  37. Hand In Hand - J. P. Sunshine
  38. The Bite - Comus
  39. Death The Sun Also Rises
  40. Winter Tea & Symphony
  41. Autumn Lady Dancing Song Principal Edwards Magic Theatre
  42. Summers In Anne Briggs
  43. The Bells Of Dunwich Stone Angel
  44. Cruel Sister - Pentangle
  45. Witches Hat Incredible String Band
  46. Reynardine Archie Fisher
  47. The Poet And The Witch Mellow Candle
  48. Elfin Boy Curved Air
  49. Pretty Polly Sweeneys Men
  50. Three Ravens - Parke
  51. Salisbury Plain Green Man
  52. Flodden Field Spriguns Of Tolgus
  53. Geordie The Macdonald Folk Group
  54. The Queen Of The Night Michael Raven & Joan Mills
  55. Holsworthy Peters Fair George Deacon & Marion Ross
  56. Captain Wedderburns Courtship Staverton Bridge
  57. Butterfly On The Shore Shirley Kent
  58. Eastern Spell Marc Bolan
  59. The Lark In The Morning Heather, Adrian & John
  60. Scarborough Fair The Coterie
  61. Mendle Mr. Fox
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