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The Complete Transatlantic Recordings

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The Complete Transatlantic Recordings
The Complete Transatlantic Recordings


The Ian Campbell Folk Group were one of the most respected, influential and best known British folk groups of the 1960''s. Taking their origins from Aberdeen, the band formed in Birmingham in 1958. They signed to Transatlantic Records in 1963 and proceeded to record the content of this collection over the next 6 years. They topped the bill at the Royal Albert Hall, made numerous TV appearances, attended the Newport Folk Festival in 1964 and were prolific live performers throughout Europe. Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg who both achieved fame with Fairport Convention, are featured in this collection. THE STUDIO ALBUMS FEATURED ARE AS FOLLOWS: DISC ONE: This Is The Ian Campbell Folk Group - the band''s debut 18 track album released in 1963. Across The Hills - the 2nd album featuring 14 tracks released originally in 1964. DISC TWO: Coaldust Ballads - a 1965 album released with 17 tracks and on CD for the very first time. Contemporary Campbells - a 14 track release dating from 1965. DISC THREE: New Impressions Of The Ian Campbell Folk Group - a 15 track release from 1966. The Circle Game - final album for Transatlantic appearing on CD for the first time. It features 14 tracks and was originally released in 1968. DISC FOUR: BONUS TRACKS Contains all the tracks recorded by the group that don't appear on the 6 albums listed above. * on CD for the first time


  1. Name
  2. Twa Recruiting Sergeants
  3. The Keel Row
  4. The Unquiet Grave
  5. To Hear the Nightingale Sing
  6. The Drover's Dream
  7. Traditional Medley
  8. Rockin' the Cradle
  9. The Jute Mill Song
  10. Johnny Lad
  11. Blow Boys Blow
  12. Down in the Coal Mine
  13. Garton Mother's Lullaby
  14. The Bells of Rhymney
  15. The Apprentice's Song
  16. Rocky Road to Dublin and Drops of Brandy (Instrumental)
  17. Homeward Bound
  18. Thw Waters of Tyne
  19. The Wee Cooper of Fyfe
  20. Across the Hills
  21. Come Kiss Me Love
  22. The Blind Man He Could See
  23. I Know My Love
  24. Derby Ram
  25. Mary Mild
  26. Remember Me
  27. The Cockfight
  28. Gipsy Rover
  29. Cho Cho Losa
  30. The Keeper
  31. Instrumental Medley
  32. The Collier Laddie
  33. We're Nae Awa to Bide Awa
  34. Come All You Gallant Colliers*
  35. Down in the Coalmine*
  36. The Canny Miner Lad*
  37. Sandgate Girl's Lament*
  38. Rap Her Te Bank*
  39. The Blantyre Explosion*
  40. Instrumental Medley*
  41. Pay Friday*
  42. The Colliers' Rant
  43. Geordie Black*
  44. The Sandgate Dandle*
  45. Drunken Bella Roy*
  46. Blackleg Miners*
  47. My Miner Lad*
  48. Cushy Butterfield*
  49. The Plodder Seam*
  50. Collier Laddie*
  51. Marilyn Monroe
  52. Dirty Old Town
  53. Thirty Foot Trailer
  54. My Donal
  55. Battle of the Somme
  56. Hard Life on the Cut
  57. Net Hauling Song
  58. Death Come Easy
  59. Rights of Man
  60. Liverpool Lullaby
  61. Four Pounds a Day
  62. The Dove
  63. Bloody Orkney
  64. D Day Dodgers
  65. Lord of the Dance
  66. Berwick Brose
  67. The Snow Is Falling
  68. The Bold Benjamin
  69. New York Gals
  70. Th Shoemaker
  71. Baron O' Brackley
  72. Ay Waukin O'
  73. Lover Let Me in
  74. Greensleeves
  75. Can Ye Sew Cushions
  76. Farewell to Tarwathy
  77. Gulls O' Invergordon
  78. The Laird O' the Windy Wa's
  79. The Card Song
  80. The Iron Road
  81. Private Harold Harris
  82. The Circle Game*
  83. The Lady Came from Baltimore*
  84. The Old Man's Song*
  85. Wooed and Married*
  86. North Sea Holes*
  87. Paddy Lay Back*
  88. Do You Remember*
  89. Willie's Gone*
  90. I'm Not Saying*
  91. I Think It's Going to Rain Today*
  92. Doctor Junk*
  93. On the M1*
  94. Kelly, the Boy from Killane*
  95. The Boys from Wexford*
  96. The Times They Are a Changin'
  97. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face*
  98. One Eyed Reilly
  99. Guantanamera
  100. Mary Anne*
  101. Campbell's Fancy & the Mason's Apron*
  102. Highland Widow's Lament*
  103. The Bank's Hornpipe*
  104. Highland Harry*
  105. Cam Ye O'er Frae France*
  106. The Earl of Moray*
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