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Bad Wife

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Bad Wife
Bad Wife


When Grant released his Settling Scores vol. II, in an interview, Peeples cited the social and political upheaval caused by the last presidential election, and responds with, "I feel like I was born for times like make a record like this..." and now he wants to let you know "WHAT THE HELL THIS RECORD IS ABOUT: It is a personal collection of songs I've been gathering over the years. All were written by women I've worked with in one way or another during my tenure in this loopy damn enterprise known as 'the music biz." Each song was originally heard in a live setting, where it entered me, worked me over, and never left. As I began the project, I didn't go looking for songs; they had already found me. My learning and recording them was an exercise of re-discovery, a search for those original nerves they had struck. A woman has produced three of the records I have made. All my records have been studded with women players. But this one, by design, has none. This is all guys trying, as it were, to carry the mail. Nor did I rewrite any story lines or change any pronouns in order to square with my gender; i.e., first line of the first song is: "When the lights are off, I need a man to touch".


  1. Name
  2. Crying Out
  3. 3:52
  4. Unsustainable
  5. Slow Dancer
  6. Iris
  7. Bad Wife
  8. Venezuela
  9. Keep Trying
  10. Rich Man
  11. Good Actress
  12. Market Town
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