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Game Trails

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Game Trails
Game Trails


Game Trails is Aukai's third full length studio album."The ronroco is the sound of the mountains -it has this freedom, this wide-open-chestfeeling of just being who you are," says Aukai of his beloved instrument - so adored that friends and family jokingly call it his baby. Also known as the charango, this small guitar is popular within the Andean communities of South America and Aukai is right in saying that the looping, fast plucking of its strings instantly remits the mind to a far, far place; one of folklore, discovery and freedom. Far from the Andes in a recording studio in the valleys of Colorado, the ronroco is also themain element of Aukai's newest release, Game Trails, an album which at its very core embodies the spirit of wandering.Journeying is not new to Aukai. The German musician has had a long and far-reaching roamthrough earth that has taken him from the squatting scene in Berlin to remote villages in Central and South America. His music not only accompanied but also reflected his travels; the loud twang of his electric guitar as part of a German punk rock band would be substituted by more melodious tones when, years later, he adopted the ronroco. The further Aukai strayed from city-life into nature, the bigger the sense of peace that would permeate his compositions. Themajesty of the natural world has played an essential role in Game Trails; the dramaticlandscapes of Iceland, the forests of Sweden and the Yucatan jungle all served as inspiration forits tracks.But far from just capturing the beauty of these places, Aukai's music encompasses the veryspirit of journeying into, and exploring them, "This is a very different record than my previousreleases, where I had time, silence and space to develop the music in Colorado. Game Trails ismade on the road, it's a traveling album," says the musician who spent roughly half of last yearin transit. It's precisely this nomadic way of living which the album title refers to; game trails are,after all, the paths carved out by generations of a


  1. Name
  2. Rekindle
  3. Summer Tale
  4. Afternoon Moon
  5. Solace
  6. Waves
  7. Bridge of Scars
  8. Soplo Del Sueño
  9. Zora ( feat. Lisa Morgenstern )
  10. Akal Ki
  11. Gloria
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