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Top Of The Ladder: Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks (2CD)

Compact Disc (Audio)
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Brilliant Case (Jewel Case size, Holds 2 CDs)
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Top Of The Ladder: Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks (2CD)
Top Of The Ladder: Original Album Plus Bonus Tracks (2CD)


  • Album unavailable on any format for 47 years
  • Includes numerous tracks currently unavailable digitally
  • Complements other recent Doctor Bird compilations showcasing Eccles’ early output

By the early Seventies, Clancy Eccles sat firmly atop the reggae tree, having enjoyed a succession of hits both in Jamaica and the UK, where the bulk of his productions had seen issue on Trojan's Clandisc subsidiary.

To capitalise on the popularity of his work, the London based record company chose to launch their new Big Shot label LP range with a collection comprising a dozen of his lesser known tracks that had remained unissued since being recorded two to three years earlier.

Unfortunately, due to the age of the material, the resultant 'Top Of The Ladder' album sounded dated compared to the reggae sounds of the day, with poor sales of the long-player leading to it being pulled after an initial pressing run of just a few hundred copies.

Although largely overlooked by record buyers at the time, the LP's scarcity, allied to the high quality of the music featured within its grooves has since led to it becoming one of the most sought-after Trojan collections on the market.

Unavailable on any format for almost half a century, 'Top Of The Ladder' is finally available once more, with its dozen tracks bolstered by over 40 Clancy Eccles-produced sides from the early Seventies – including the original reggae version of 'Kingston Town' and many recordings new to CD!


  1. Name
  2. Open It
  3. Thinking About It
  4. Captivity
  5. Love That Builds
  6. Hits Medley
  7. Reggaedelic
  8. Cat Walk
  9. Eccles Skank
  10. Quarter Master
  11. Passing Through
  12. Cow Feet Reggae
  13. Nyah Rock
  14. Holly Holy
  15. Rod Of Correction
  16. Old Man River
  17. Hello Mother
  18. Power For The People (Part 1)
  19. Molly
  20. George
  21. People Like People
  22. Don't Call Me Nigga
  23. Build My World Around You
  24. Sweet Jamaica
  25. Sunday Version
  26. Rub A Dub
  27. Kingston Town
  28. Stand By Your Man
  29. Hallelujah Free At Last
  30. Hi De Ho
  31. Joe Louis
  32. Teardrops Will Fall
  33. John Crow Skank
  34. Haile Selassie
  35. Going Up West
  36. If You Were Mine
  37. Ganja Free
  38. Livitis
  39. Red Moon
  40. Tomorrow
  41. Uncle Joe
  42. Winey Winey
  43. Growing Up
  44. Thats How I Need You
  45. Power For The People (Part 2)
  46. The Wanderer
  47. I Fe Layo
  48. Single Man
  49. Live And Love
  50. Sha La La
  51. What Will Your Mama Say (Strings Mix)
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