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"A compelling record" **** Q Magazine. "An object lesson in how to wring out every last drop of emotion" UNCUT "The most beautiful album I have heard in years. Period" New York Post Alexander Wolfe is a New Cross based singer/songwriter whose debut release MORNING BRINGS A FLOOD received rave reviews across UK press and also gained significant airplay. Alexander is now back with his follow up album, the beautiful SKELETONS. The album is a collection of ten heartfelt compositions that will wring out every emotion where Alexander displays the qualities of a true songwriter and poet, the lyrics flow seamlessly and the listener will instantly become emotionally involved with the songs. I'll let Alexander describe the process of making the album in his own words. "I was in the middle of writing and doing demo's for another album called 'From The Shallows Of The Green Sea' (which still lays dormant and unfinished on the cutting room floor) when Skeletons took over. I went through a fortnight of insomnia and when I did sleep I would have these really vivid dreams and get up in the night and scribble down images and lyrics. I had no idea what I was writing about at the time, what the metaphors were etc lots of bone and teeth references, skeletons, blood, horses dying etc some pretty dark stuff. Some of the dreams were about people and places I hadn't seen or thought about in years, people I'd forgotten, places left behind. It just came straight from my subconscious. When I listen back to it now I recognise I was partly writing about the break-up of the relationship before it happened. It's my subconscious sensing what was coming before my conscious mind had any idea."


  1. Name
  2. Skeletons
  3. Fangs
  4. Someone Else's Song
  5. In Broad Daylight
  6. Mayflowers
  7. Horses
  8. Something That Lasts
  9. Milk Teeth
  10. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  11. Separated By A Smile
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