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Been On Your Side

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Been On Your Side
Been On Your Side


A recording is simply a snapshot in time. Courtney Hartman & Taylor Ashton embody this philosophical approach on their quietly stunning debut 'Been On Your Side'. Fascinated by the life of songs- how they change and evolve as one's life does- the duo has captured twelve tracks full of ephemeral charm. Courtney Hartman, known for her work with Della Mae, is one of the most compelling young guitarists today, possessing a virtuosity of sensitivity. Ashton has enraptured listeners with his Canadian roots group Fish & Bird, and his pulsating claw-hammer banjo is an integral part of this new project. While recording 'Been On Your Side', the duo sang rich, entwining harmonies into old ribbon mics mere feet from each other- just as they wrote these songs. The result is an intimate dialog between two musicians who are committed to refreshingly honest music making, and who push one another to greater heights.


  1. Name
  2. Wayside
  3. Meadowlark
  4. Been On Your Side
  5. First Of Us
  6. Which Will
  7. Loving Hands
  8. Dead To Me
  9. Better
  10. Nature Of Us
  11. Hold Still
  12. Neighborhood Name
  13. Liza
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