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A Journey Into The Abyss - Alexei Stanchinsky: Piano Music

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A Journey Into The Abyss - Alexei Stanchinsky: Piano Music
A Journey Into The Abyss - Alexei Stanchinsky: Piano Music


The silver age of Russian culture at the turn of the 20th century is a time when the tendencies in Russian art, which had been growing for a century, reached their peak, placing it in a gap between its fascination with the Western culture and being rooted in the Slavic tradition of Great Ruthenia.

This era, although it lasted only about two decades, produced many great artists such as poet Akhmatova, painters Kandinsky and Chagall, or composers, e.g. Scriabin and Stravinsky. A rising star, shining with the splendour of his extraordinary talent, was also Alexei Stanchinsky, a young composer, hailed as a genius, from the circle of Taneyev and Scriabin; his march to greatness was interrupted by a sudden and tragic death in 1914. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the selection of piano pieces by this wonderful composer as interpreted by Witold Wilczek.


  1. Name
  2. Stanchinsky: Humoresque
  3. Stanchinsky: Mazurka In D Flat Major
  4. Stanchinsky: Mazurka In G Sharp Minor
  5. Stanchinsky: Nocturne
  6. Stanchinsky: 3 Preludes - Prelude No. 1 In C Sharp Minor
  7. Stanchinsky: 3 Preludes - Prelude No. 2 In D Major
  8. Stanchinsky: 3 Preludes - Prelude No. 3 In E Flat Minor
  9. Stanchinsky: Sonata In E Flat Minor
  10. Stanchinsky: Prelude In THE Lydian Mode
  11. Stanchinsky: Canon
  12. Stanchinsky: Prelude And Fugue: Prelude
  13. Stanchinsky: Prelude And Fugue: Fugue
  14. Stanchinsky: Canon-Preludes [A] In C Major
  15. Stanchinsky: Canon-Preludes [B] In G Major
  16. Stanchinsky: Canon-Preludes [C] In E Mixolydian
  17. Stanchinsky: Canon-Preludes [D] In E Flat Minor
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