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Bargielski: Panopticum - Pieces for Solo Piano

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Bargielski: Pieces For Piano Solo
Bargielski: Pieces For Piano Solo


The repertoire on this album includes a wide variety of Bargielski's works, ranging from miniatures to larger forms allowing listeners to experience a fascinating musical journey and learn about one of the greatest pages in the history of Polish contemporary music.

"'I treat the piano as an unremarkable instrument in a rich music collection. [...] On the one hand, I am excited by, e.g. the possibility of writing something like a piano concerto, and on the other hand, I do not actually believe that I would be able to open a new perspective and muster significant impulses from this wonderful three-legged animal and not state the obvious. However, there is something lighter [...] a wink at that bulky instrument that generates emotions of the audience and suffering experiences of adolescents who practice scales and passages, since they are in love with music.' - Bargielski


  1. Name
  2. Tango
  3. Blues I
  4. Blues II
  5. Lullaby
  6. Song I
  7. Song I
  8. Nocturne And Fantasy: Nocturne
  9. Nocturne And Fantasy: Fantasy
  10. Elegy
  11. Miniature I Musical Moment à La Brahms
  12. Miniature II The Last Post
  13. Miniature III Fun And Games
  14. Miniature IV A Lion In The Bath
  15. Miniature V Chorale
  16. Theme With Variations: Theme Semplice
  17. Theme With Variations: I Dolce
  18. Theme With Variations: II. Energico
  19. Theme With Variations: III. Misterioso
  20. Theme With Variations: IV. Animato
  21. Theme With Variations: V. Risoluto
  22. Theme With Variations: VI. Sensibile
  23. Theme With Variations: VII. Capriccioso
  24. Theme With Variations: VIII. Buffo
  25. Theme With Variations: IX. Con Tenerezza
  26. Theme With Variations: X. Vigoroso
  27. Aria And Couplet
  28. Caprice
  29. Sonatina I. Allegro Grazioso
  30. Sonatina II. Andante
  31. Sonatina III. Vivace
  32. 7 Studies: I. Lento
  33. 7 Studies: II. Andante
  34. 7 Studies: III. Sostenuto
  35. 7 Studies: IV. Animato
  36. 7 Studies: V. Allegretto
  37. 7 Studies: VI. Presto
  38. 7 Studies: VII. Largo
  39. Beethovens Journey To Prince Lichnovsky: Patetico [A]
  40. Beethovens Journey To Prince Lichnovsky: Allegro Di Molto [B]
  41. Beethovens Journey To Prince Lichnovsky: Adagio [C]
  42. Beethovens Journey To Prince Lichnovsky: Allegro Scherzando [D]
  43. Beethovens Journey To Prince Lichnovsky: Andante Sostenuto [E]
  44. Scrabble: Teneramente [A]
  45. Scrabble: Deciso [C]
  46. Scrabble: Presto Possibile [D]
  47. Scrabble: Violente [E]
  48. Scrabble: Andante Recitando [B]
  49. Panopticum
  50. Viennese Stories
  51. A Flea Market: Tangoroso
  52. Miniature I Musical Moment A La Brahms
  53. Miniature II The Last Post
  54. Miniature III Fun And Games
  55. Miniature IV A Lion In The Bath
  56. Styrian Dance
  57. Crescendo-decrescendo
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