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All Your Sins

Digital Versatile Disc (Video)
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All Your Sins
All Your Sins


Extensive and definitive double-DVD collection of archive and new footage spanning 3 decades from the US heavy metal masters. Pentagram, the highly influential American heavy metal/doom pioneers fronted by mastermind Bobby Liebling, formed in the early 1970s, though their debut album - now known as 'Relentless' - didn't see a release until 1985. Through 4 decades of adversity and triumph, Pentagram has become a legendary international act and have firmly stamped their name in the heavy metal history books. This first-ever official video collection recovers, repairs and resurrects the earliest known footage of these doomed metal pioneers and more. Featuring 2 DVDs packed with priceless archive footage, as well as recent shows, 'All Your Sins - Video Vault' unearths the rumoured lost visual evidence pent up in the Ram Family vault for decades. This definitive collection contains numerous historical shows, including a charged performance at the legendary CBGB's club in 1985, with a mass of classic renditions from the band's catalogue finally gathered together for a live journey spanning over 30 years. Although always a cult act with a strong and dedicated worldwide fanbase, Pentagram has enjoyed a recent surge in interest due in part to the fly-on-the-wall 2011 documentary, 'Last Days Here' following the life, trials & tribulations of Bobby Liebling. The film gained international recognition; travelling the worldwide film festival circuit where it won several awards including "Best Music Documentary" at the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.


  1. Name
  2. Halloween Intro
  3. Death Row
  4. All Your Sins
  5. Sign Of The Wolf
  6. Run My Course
  7. Review Your Choices
  8. The Deist
  9. Ram Intro / Livin' In A Ram's Head
  10. When The Screams Come
  11. Drive Me To The Grave
  12. The Ghoul
  13. Comitted To Vengence
  14. Feeling Of Dread
  15. Sinister
  16. Bass Spray / God Of Hell
  17. Evil Seed
  18. Live Free And Burn
  19. Petrified
  20. Dying World
  21. 20 Buck Spin
  22. Sweet Leaf
  23. Run My Course
  24. Sign Of The Wolf
  25. Relentless
  26. Misunderstood
  27. The Deist
  28. Feeling Of Dread
  29. Sinister
  30. Committed To Vengence
  31. Dying World
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