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Suso Flores, the London living, Galician born musician brings his exuberant sonic experimentations to Francesca Lombardo's Echolette Records with an EP titled "2ality". Channelling the sheer creativity, playfulness and freewheeling nature of previous releases, Suso offers an otherworldly five tracker full of constant surprises and technical expertise.

'troublem.ker' leads the way with an uplifting, acid hook that morphs in and out of focus, engaging talkatively with the garbled musical elements that surround it. This delicate interplay is driven onwards by minimal, glitched-out rhythms that develop through creative processing, whilst subtle, dreamy pads hum in the background accentuating the charming nature of 'troublem.ker', a song that is both honest and open.

'4xjam'. the release's most sonically chaotic and interstellar track, ups the tempo to near 140bpm; a decided energy change through which Suso's machines can morph and communicate frantically. Dynamic shifts stumble as quickly as they build, adding quick fire tension and release, furthered by shock turns that punctuate the song's structure.

The aptly named 'Lost Angels' is distinctly choral in nature, featuring soft chimes laid atop gracefully submerged pads, pulsing grooves and richly textured atmospherics that glide into further ethereal territory.

'Ilyath' with its rich synthesis and intoxicating, 8-bit melody is playful and uplifting in equal measure. Direct drum patterns and groove heavy basslines keeps momentum rolling, whilst the song's mellifluous hook plays out, unrestrained and complimented by processed vocals and short arpeggiated runs.

The EP's eponymous track closes off the package, where endearingly weird sounds combine and evolve. Emerging basslines sweep in and out of consciousness, merging with broad melody patterns. Again Suso shows his ability to construct beautifully elegant and unpredictable arrangements, ones that will continue to surprise listeners on future plays of the song.

"2ality" lands on Echolette Records to the delight of DJs and electronic music fanatics alike.


  1. Name
  2. Troublem.ker
  3. 2ality
  4. 4xjam
  5. Lost Angels
  6. Ilyath
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