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Since Beginning ~ The Albums 1974-1976

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Since Beginning ~ The Albums 1974-1976
Since Beginning ~ The Albums 1974-1976


NEW 3 CD RE-MASTERED CLAMSHELL BOXED SET FEATURING THE THREE CLASSIC ALBUMS BY BAKER GURVITZ ARMY - BAKER GURVITZ ARMY (1974), ELYSIAN ENCOUNTER (1975) AND HEARTS ON FIRE (1976). EACH ALBUM IN ITS OWN MINATURE ALBUM SLEEVE WITH AN ADDITIONAL POSTER. Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of a 3CD clamshell boxed set featuring all of the albums by BAKER GURVITZ ARMY, "Since Beginning - The Albums 1974 - 1976". The Baker Gurvitz Army was formed in 1974 by former Gun and Three Man Army members Adrian Gurvitz (guitar, vocals), Paul Gurvitz (bass, vocals) and virtuoso drummer Ginger Baker, formerly with Cream, Blind Faith and Airforce.The band was a highly regarded live act and recorded three albums of some of the finest British rock music of the mid-1970s. "Baker Gurvitz Army" was released in 1974 on the Vertigo label and featured such classic material as 'Help Me', 'Mad Jack', 'Inside of Me' and 'Memory Lane', and it immediately earned the band a loyal and ever increasing fan base.The 1975 album "Elysian Encounter" saw the band expanded with the addition of vocalist Mr. Snips (Steve Parsons) and keyboard player Peter Lemer. Arguably the band's finest work, the album was released on the Mountain label and featured the tracks 'People', 'Time', 'The Artist' and 'The Key'. By the time "Hearts on Fire" was recorded in 1976, John Norman Mitchell had replaced Peter Lemer on keyboards and vibes. Another fine work, the album featured 'Flying In And Out of Stardom', 'Thirsty for the Blues' and 'Night People'. Each CD in this re-mastered set features live bonus tracks; 'Memory Lane', 'People', 'Freedom' (written by Jimi Hendrix) and 'Wotever it Is', and each album is housed in a replica album sleeve wallet. The set also includes a poster.


  1. Name
  2. Help Me
  3. Love Is
  4. Memory Lane
  5. Inside Of Me
  6. I Wanna Live Again
  7. Mad Jack
  8. 4 Phil
  9. Since Beginning
  10. Memory Lane (Live)
  11. People
  12. The Key
  13. Time
  14. The Gambler
  15. The Dreamer
  16. Remember
  17. The Artist
  18. The Hustler
  19. People (Live)
  20. Freedom (Live)
  21. Hearts On Fire
  22. Neon Lights
  23. Smiling
  24. Tracks Of My Life
  25. Flying In And Out Of Stardom
  26. Dancing The Night Away
  27. My Mind Is Healing
  28. Thirsty For The Blues
  29. Night People
  30. Mystery
  31. Wotever It Is (Live)
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