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Seventh Heaven (Expanded Edition) (3CD+DVD)

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Seventh Heaven (Expanded Edition) (3CD+DVD)
Seventh Heaven (Expanded Edition) (3CD+DVD)


A NEW EXPANDED 4 DISC CLAMSHELL BOX SET OF THIS EVOCATIVE ALBUM BY GENESIS FOUNDER MEMBER ANTHONY PHILLIPS & ANDREW SKEET. FEATURING A BONUS CD OF PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED MATERIAL INCLUDING THE RARE TRACK "TAKE THIS HEART" WRITTEN BY ANTHONY PHILLIPS & MIKE RUTHERFORD & A DVD OF A NEW 5.1 SURROUND SOUND MIX. REVIEWS IN "CLASSIC ROCK", "UNCUT", "MOJO", "RECORD COLLECTOR" & "PROG" MAGAZINES & ALL SPECIALIST PRESS.COVERAGE ON RELEVANT WEBSITES & FANZINES. Esoteric Recordings is pleased to announce the release of a 4 Disc Clamshell re-mastered boxed set of the album "Seventh Heaven" by Genesis founder member ANTHONY PHILLIPS and ANDREW SKEET. Originally issued as a double CD set in 2012, "Seventh Heaven" was a primarily orchestral work featuring the City of Prague Orchestra and was recorded in various locations in London and Prague.A gorgeous and evocative collection of compositions, the album was hailed by Classic FM radio and is one of Anthony's enduring works. This new edition of "Seventh Heaven" features the original album newly re-mastered, along with a bonus CD featuring ten previously unreleased recordings, among which is a rare 1973 recording of the hymn 'Take This Heart' (written by Anthony Phillips and Mike Rutherford for the album "Songs for a Modern Church"), recorded at Charterhouse School and featuring the Charterhouse Choral Society.Also included is a DVD featuring a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix of "Seventh Heaven".This clamshell boxed set features an illustrated booklet with a new essay by Anthony Phillips archivist Jon Dann.


  1. Name
  2. Credo In Cantus
  3. A Richer Earth
  4. Under The Infinite Sky
  5. Grand Central
  6. Kissing Gate
  7. Pasquinade
  8. Rain On Sag Harbour
  9. Ice Maiden
  10. River Of Life
  11. Desert Passage
  12. Seven Ancient Wonders
  13. Desert Passage (Reprise)
  14. Circle Of Light
  15. Forgotten Angels
  16. Courtesan
  17. Ghosts Of New York
  18. Shipwreck Of St. Paul
  19. Cortege
  20. Credo In Cantus (Instrumental)
  21. Sojourn
  22. Speak Of Remarkable Things
  23. Nocturne
  24. Long Road Home
  25. The Golden Leaves Of Fall
  26. Credo
  27. Under The Infinite Sky (Guitar Ensemble Version)
  28. The Stuff Of Dreams
  29. Old Sarum Suite (Sarabande...)
  30. For Eloise
  31. Winter Song
  32. Ghosts Of New York (Piano Version)
  33. Danielâ€s Theme
  34. Study In Scarlet
  35. The Lives Of Others
  36. Forever Always
  37. As The Sun Rises (Previously Unreleased)
  38. Steam Train Stories (Previously Unreleased)
  39. Carousel Of Secrets (Previously Unreleased)
  40. Courtship Dance (Previously Unreleased)
  41. Flight Of Strings (Previously Unreleased)
  42. Heart Strings (Previously Unreleased)
  43. Blackfriars Bridge (Previously Unreleased)
  44. Our England (Prague Version) (Previously Unreleased)
  45. Tender Quintet (Previously Unreleased)
  46. Take This Heart (Previously Unreleased)
  47. Credo In Cantus
  48. A Richer Earth
  49. Under The Infinite Sky
  50. Grand Central
  51. Kissing Gate
  52. Pasquinade
  53. Rain On Sag Harbour
  54. Ice Maiden
  55. River Of Life
  56. Desert Passage
  57. Seven Ancient Wonders
  58. Desert Passage (Reprise)
  59. Circle Of Light
  60. Forgotten Angels
  61. Courtesan
  62. Ghosts Of New York
  63. Shipwreck Of St. Paul
  64. Cortege
  65. Credo In Cantus (Instrumental)
  66. Sojourn
  67. Speak Of Remarkable Things
  68. Nocturne
  69. Long Road Home
  70. The Golden Leaves Of Fall
  71. Credo
  72. Under The Infinite Sky (Guitar Ensemble Version)
  73. The Stuff Of Dreams
  74. Old Sarum Suite: (Sarabande.. )
  75. For Eloise
  76. Winter Song
  77. Ghosts Of New York (Piano Version)
  78. Daniel's Theme
  79. Study In Scarlet
  80. The Lives Of Others
  81. Forever Always
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