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The Tudors - Lo, Country Sports

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The Tudors - Lo, Country Sports
The Tudors - Lo, Country Sports


Another joyous anthology of verse and music from the expert, London-based ensembles of voices and viols who have already contributed several valuable reissues to 'The Tudors' series on Eloquence. Musicweb International says of this series: "The recorded sound is good, and the discs give you a window into a lovingly crafted historical experience." 'Lo, Country Sports' takes its title from the madrigal by Thomas Weelkes, complemented by the pastoral poetry of Thomas Nashe and Edmund Bolton, among others. It was released by Argo in 1970 as part of a comprehensive series of 'Elizabethan Life in Music, Song and Poetry'. When making this LP, Grayston Burgess and the Purcell Consort of Voices employed the rustic accents that made a radical departure at the time from polite, sacred-style diction in this music. Indeed the secular music of composers such as Thomas Ravenscroft is still little known and even less recorded, which makes this first international CD issue all the more welcome. In its revival of English nymphs and shepherds from the high Elizabethan era, this carefully planned album is more exuberant in tone than 'I Love, alas' (newly reissued on Eloquence 482 2570). However, there are small masterpieces such as Farewell, sweet woods and mountains by Michael East, and almains of plaintive character played both on solo lute and by the Elizabethan Consort of Viols. The poetry is read by John Neville, who attained international fame through his starring role in Terry Gilliam's epic The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. 'The performances are on the whole very enjoyable The madrigals are sung very nicely The more serious music is quite exquisite It is an attractive record.' Gramophone, January 1971 Also available from Eloquence with the Purcell Consort of Voices ELQ4807740 Metaphysical Tobacco ELQ4804866 To Entertain a King: Music for Henry VIII and his Court ELQ4804865 Courtly Pastimes: Songs and Dances from Henry VIII's Book


  1. Name
  2. ANONYMOUS: Almain
  3. TOMKINS: Adieu, Ye City-prisoning Towers
  4. WEELKES: Lo, Country Sports That Seldom Fades
  5. BRETON: Shepherd And Shepherdess
  6. EAST: Sweet Muses, Nymphs And Shepherds Sporting
  7. YOUNG: The Shepherd, Arsiliuss, Repl
  8. FARMER: O Stay, Sweet Love
  9. FARNABY: Pearce Did Love Fair Petronel
  10. CAVENDISH: Down In A Valley
  11. NASHE: Spring, The Sweet Spring
  12. EAST: Thyrsis, Sleepest Thou?
  13. RAVENSCROFT: Sing After, Fellows
  14. ANONYMOUS: The Wych
  15. WEELKES: Whilst Youthful Sports Are Lasting
  16. BATESON: Come, Follow Me, Fair Nymphs
  17. LODGE: Corydons Song
  18. VAUTOR: Mother I Will Have A Husband
  19. CAMPION: Jack And Joan
  20. BENNET: The Hunt Is Up
  21. RAVENSCROFT: Tomorrow The Fox Will Come To Town
  22. JOHNSON: Alman
  23. FARNABY: Pearce Did Dance With Petronella
  24. WEELKES: Our Country Swains In The Morris Dance
  25. BOLTON: A Canzon Pastora
  26. EAST: Farewell, Sweet Woods And Mountains
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