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Electric Man

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Electric Man
Electric Man


'Electric Man' is an acclaimed low budget British movie that was originally released in cinemas in 2011. A fast and funny hybrid of romantic comedy, chase thriller and caper movie set in Edinburgh, it is centred around the search for a rare and valuable comic, the very first issue of Electric Man and stars Derek Dick (AKA Fish from Marillion).

Jazz and Wolf run Deadhead Comics. They make a living (just) but when their landlord comes looking for £5,000 to settle a repair bill, things look bleak. A valuable comic, which could save their livelihood, ends up in their hands but there are others who want to get hold of it - a Glasgow hardcase who cold-bloodedly murdered his brother for it, a mysterious and manipulative femme fatale and a ruthless American comic collector.

With plans within plans and twists and turns upon even more twists and turns, 'Electric Man' is the perfect caper movie: thrilling, romantic and funny.

Press quotes:

"An often amusing hybrid of romantic comedy and hectic chase thriller in its brightest moments, Electric Man captures the intended vibe of The Maltese Falcon meets The IT Crowd." - Screen Daily

"Electric Man is a title that deserves the attention of all movie fans...It is clear this film doesn't take itself too seriously, poking fun at the stereotypes of comic fans while still providing an intelligent and well choreographed storyline." - Cinehouse UK

"The film bears many resemblances to cult Channel 4 sitcom Spaced: it's packed with comic-loving characters, larger-than-life villains and reference-heavy dialogue. Elsewhere, Electric Man shines: Edinburgh has never looked prettier and some sequences - including a hair-raising up-kilt shot, the animated opening credits and a stunt-filled bike chase are pulled off with aplomb." - The List

"A film with humour and energy and heart." - WhatCulture

"It's a testament to the guys and their crew that for most of Electric Man you really do forget that you are not watching a typical big budget creation rather than an independent movie made by a couple of local guys with the help of a few professional mates." - GoGuide

"lt's a fun film with heart, a witty screenplay and engaging performances and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. Indie Film of the Year so far." - Flicker Magazine

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