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Ebony McQueen EP (12")

12" Vinyl
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Ebony McQueen
Ebony McQueen


Written and produced by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics, etc), 'Ebony McQueen' was recorded at studios that include Nashville's legendary Blackbird Studio and his own Bay Street Recording Studio in the Caribbean. It features contributions from an array of top vocalists, session players and the 60-piece Budapest Scoring Orchestra. The joyful, rousing score brings together Stewart's seminal early inspirations his father's Rodgers & Hammerstein records, Robert Johnson's blues, and the mind-blowing sounds of The Beatles, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones all filtered through his own inimitable creative lens of richly orchestrated pop, rock 'n roll, psychedelia, country, musical theatre, even the distinctive rake-and-scrape sound of his beloved Bahamas' colourful Junkanoo carnival. Deeply personal yet wholly universal, 'Ebony McQueen is more than Stewart's own story it is for everyone whose lives have been steered by the redemptive magic of music and mysterious power of love.


  1. Name
  2. Walking On Blue
  3. Quaalude Prelude
  4. People Change
  5. Ebony Mcqueen
  6. Unhappy Town
  7. When You're Feeling Down
  8. She Knows My Name
  9. Things Will Never Be The Same (Without You)
  10. As You Like It
  11. Daddy's Got The Blues
  12. Mr. Jolly
  13. There's Got To Be A Devil
  14. One Morning
  15. Walking On Thin Air
  16. Baby Did It Blow Our Minds
  17. Ebony Says
  18. Sunshine
  19. Two Kids
  20. Juniper
  21. Jackie Where You Been?
  22. Baby It's You
  23. Waiting For The Rain
  24. Dream On
  25. What's The Fucking Point?
  26. A Load A Coda
  27. Ebony Says (Orig. Version)
  28. There's Got To Be A Devil (Orig. Version)
  29. Things Will Never Be The Same (Without You)
  30. Walking On Blue
  31. Ebony Says (Acoustic)
  32. As You Like It (Acoustic)
  33. Baby It's You (Acoustic)
  34. When You're Feeling Down (Acoustic)
  35. Walking On Blue (Acoustic)
  36. Ebony Mcqueen (Acoustic)
  37. Juniper (Acoustic)
  38. Unhappy Town (Acoustic)
  39. She Knows My Name (Acoustic)
  40. What's The Fucking Point? (Acoustic)
  41. Walking On Thin Air (Acoustic)
  42. Sunshine (Acoustic)
  43. People Change (Acoustic)
  44. Jackie Where You Been? (Acoustic)
  45. Two Kids (Acoustic)
  46. Mr. Jolly (Acoustic)
  47. One Morning (Acoustic)
  48. There's Got To Be A Devil (Acoustic)
  49. My Life (Acoustic)
  50. Daddy's Got The Blues (Acoustic)
  51. Waiting For The Rain (Acoustic)
  52. Baby Did It Blow Our Minds (Acoustic)
  53. Dream On (Acoustic)
  54. Ebony Mcquuen (Orchestra And Melody)
  55. Daddy's Got The Blues (Piano Guide)
  56. When You're Feelin' Down (Piano Guide)
  57. One Morning (Piano Guide)
  58. Blow Your Mind (Piano Guide)
  59. She Knows My Name (Piano Rough)
  60. As You Like It (Piano Guide)
  61. Sunshine (Piano Guide)
  62. Juniper (Piano Guide)
  63. Walking On Blue (Piano Guide)
  64. People Change (Piano Guide)
  65. Baby It's You (Piano Guide)
  66. Waiting For The Rain (Piano Guide)
  67. Unhappy Town (Piano Guide)
  68. What's The Fucking Point? (Piano Guide)
  69. Things Will Never Be The Same (Without You) (Piano Guide)
  70. Mr. Jolly (Piano Guide)
  71. Two Kids (Piano Guide)
  72. Jackie Where You Been? (Piano Guide)
  73. There's Got To Be A Devil (Piano Guide)
  74. Walking On Thin Air (Piano Guide)
  75. Dream On (Piano Guide)
  76. Ebony Says (Piano Guide)
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