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Twists & Turns

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Twists & Turns
Twists & Turns


El Juntacadáveres present a boiling mix of tango combined with hiphop, electronics, rock, jazz, reggae… energetic and full of Twists and turns. Twists and turns refers to the origins of the tango at the end of the 19th century. Europeans went to Buenos Aires in Argentina, looking for a job. Together with other migrant workers they were housed in 'conventillos', large building divided into rooms, with whole families living in a single room. Many of the immigrants failed to find a job and directed their attention to music. This gave rise to a blend of European music with local traditions and the music of the descendents of African slaves: the tango. Twists and turns: the young Argentine Enrique 'Kike' Noviello followed the same route in the opposite direction, 100 years later. He took his bandoneon and saxophone and left Buenos Aires for Europe, in search of a job. Together with other migrants, equally passionate and desperate for work, he lived as a squatter. Their music mixed and melted together, adding the sound of the metropolis. Twists and turns form the spirit of the 'tangueros' used by Enrique Noviello to build a new generation of 'tango'. His brand is the most radical tango-fusion outfit on the scene, creating a complete new sound with an amalgam of tango, jazz, hip-hop, rock and Latin dance music styles. Twist and turns is the second album by El Juntacadáveres, yearning and sparkling as the tango itself, provocative like the novel by Juan Carlos Onetti which lent the band its name. The result is fascinating music as you have not heard before. It is the perfect blend of rock, traditional tango orchestras and the rebelliousness of todays music scene.


  1. Name
  2. La Llegada
  3. Piazolleando
  4. Julia Y Yo
  5. 332
  6. Gönlüm Sensiz Olmaz
  7. El Astillero
  8. Mi Pasado
  9. B-Boy
  10. Infierno Azul
  11. Yirando Para Atras
  12. Jeremias
  13. Milonga Blue
  14. Patio
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