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Floating Food

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Floating Food
Floating Food


The line-up of the "Ensemble 11" is kind of adventurous as it does not follow any kind of ensemble structures of traditional jazz compositions. In light of a shimmering "harmonysection" made out of piano, vibraphone and harp you will listen to an opulent sound of saxophones, clarinets, classical flute, singing vocal and violoncello a musical extravaganza. Rebecca Trescher unfolds the personal strengths of every involved musician and exudes the music a torch of exclusivity. Her elaborated compositions are a perfect balance between a musical adventure and elegant sonorities. Rebecca Trescher shows with her "Ensemble 11" that she is one of the most exciting voices of the contemporary young jazz generation. "Multi-reedist Rebecca Trescher has created an album that doesn't engage the listener so much as stalk them. Ominous, yet beautiful in that way fear can be, it's an album of momentary spurts of notes with just clarinet and bass clarinet weaving sounds in between. It creates a heavy mood, even when the music is light as a feather. Songs like "Nass," with its languid sway and gentle moan, I could listen to forever. Some small effects here and there. Fans of Marty Ehrlich, Clean Feed label, and John Lurie/Lounge Lizards should check out this excellent album. Plenty of ambiance throughout a smoky shadowy tavern, light filtering in through smudged windows, a shot of whiskey, a heart full of heartbreak, and a sublime happiness whenever the warm touch of the Spring breeze drifts through the bar and makes everyone happy to be alive. That kind of thing."


  1. Name
  2. Movement I
  3. Floating Food Suite (Movement II)
  4. Floating Food Suite (Interlude)
  5. Floating Food Suite (Solo For Harp)
  6. Floating Food Suite (Movement III)
  7. Prelude
  8. Movement IV
  9. Der Frühe Voge
  10. Malachit
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